Blood Bowl 2 Review

To be a board game and miniatures, in which the time between rallies may be delayed until almost unbearable ends -who has no doubt been a corresponding shift in his opponent during a game of Warhammer -, the fact is that Cyanide seems to have found the right tempo for the rhythm of the meetings , which can be quickly resolved, for better and for worse in sixteen turns of up to four minutes, provided they do not stumble across an opponent, as in real life, that is all think more than twice. It is the player who decides at all times what strategy to take, and that says a lot about the freedom we have when facing the parties in a game that should be pretty corseted. Of course, this limitation of time shift does not mean that the AI will not take, from time to time, yours to decide what to do at the time.

In Blood Bowl 2 concepts we have assimilated very well play. We have to go forward, while we maintain the tricky iron and leather ball with which he plays in the Old World, to the opposite field . No matter the price to beat: should -touchdown- scores in the opponent’s end zone . We have to take into account the countries we want to give the movements of our players for the boxes of the pitch and the likely success of each action.

The broadcasts of these two will make you laugh out loud on more than one occasion. His contribution to the game is very enjoyable.

The broadcasts of these two will make you laugh out loud on more than one occasion. His contribution to the game is very enjoyable.

Blood Bowl 2 incorporates a lucky dice rolls and success rates , which indicate before every play what movements are less risky and which also adding a little excitement to each shift and seeking parallels with the game board and dice, but virtually. Still we risked knowing that you probably do not have success on that play? We managed to make a tackle the opponent! Now we will have to roll the dice to see how much damage we have done. It is as close as you can get to the board game.

Furthermore, this system runs and checks based on the dice, it is included in the mechanics of the title a plus of randomness that can be as frustrating as it is rewarding. Again: do not agobiaréis in no time with the rules. You do not think you’re going to find a gibberish of options and skills first. Yes, they are there, so the unearth veteran player and make the most, and for the novice, once assimilated the basics, continue to profit the game.

Blood Bowl 2 atino mixed with, as I mentioned, football with ruthless and brutal fantasy world of Warhammer. That is, we have players who can end up being dismembered by an orc, a group of elves able to use magic to win the game, dwarves friends brute force or an ogre wanting to brawl again goes into the defense rival. It is these peculiarities of race, intrinsic to the medieval fantasy Games Workshop, which get each party acquires a shade or aspect of violence and the traps if we can call it that, as absurd as dominating and ultimately, fun.

Try not argue with referees ... I mean Goblins!

Try not argue with referees … I mean Goblins!

That is, we get to find games in which we lay on the basis placajes almost the opposite team in each-and counterattack when we say “lying”, we speak in the literal sense, allowing us to score and score without much opposition, and other, in which the ball and the race will be vital to overcome the fierce defensive line that have front-the Chaos and the Dwarfs are particularly hard on this aspect-. Therefore, we can say that Blood Bowl 2 is a very physical game that allows push the boundaries of certain rules of ordinary football.


  • Humorous characters with unique attitude
  • League option is fun to dig in


  • Some team character may feel overpowered


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