Blood Bowl 2 Review

Elves, men, orcs, dwarves and other fantastic creatures and races come together in a remarkable second part of the brutal football game by Focus Home Interactive.

There are mixtures that impossible and ridiculously outlandish, just running specially. Games Workshop, the multinational designer of miniatures and games of British origin, has always known how to use his fantastic tricks when giving birth to squeeze new playable trusses unique atmospheres you work on their lines Warhammer or Warhammer 40,000 . Although in recent years the company has been cutting games called miniature-games specialist who enjoy a more limited rules thumbnails or support given its complexity, if there is a title that still receive the affection of the fans and users Blood Bowl is.

Blood Bowl offers us a crazy but incredibly attractive idea: to bring the football games of the fantastic medieval age of Warhammer . That is, instead of seeing play the New England Patriots, Baltimore Ravens or the Dallas Cowboys, enjoy games of Elves, Men, Dwarves and other races of Warhammer, where magic and violence more extreme without ever forgetting the sense of humor, they are always present. But how to move a complex set of rules for miniatures and a board game? Well, without going into too much detail, the truth is that Cyanide and Focus Home Interactive have found the right formula.

A set of fantastic sporting events

As I said at the beginning of the analysis, Blood Bowl 2 -secuela a weighted and incomplete previous version released in portable as PSP, and PC consoles by the same study-is perhaps the most comprehensive, fun and entertaining adaptation of a game table of Games Workshop miniatures to the world of video games. If anything characterizes the British multinational games modeling, it is his passion for the complex rules and details. “Khorne is in the details,” they say out there, in the grounds of the old world in which dominates Chaos. And it is that both Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000 or even as this Blood Bowl, come with tons of rules, specifications, reviews and books that annexes soaked to the bone before beginning to roll the dice.

Good Ogre is able to help you both in defense and attack

Good Ogre is able to help you both in defense and attack

Blood Bowl 2 is a very complex title, but urges the player to interfere in its gameplay, which also opens and offered first without putting too many obstacles . Blood Bowl 2 incorporates campaign mode with history, which in turn, It includes a sleek and laborious tutorial, which provides controls, plays, and other special features to all players, novices and professionals , helping them to start playing their own games in any of the game modes available.

Blood Bowl 2 is a game of fantasy sports based game, in which each team must decide their moves, passes and strategies before giving a time and instead do the same . Whether players or AI-controlled bots, we will be passing the ball from one player to another, creating lines lock in the defense or trying to get a touchdown on the opponent’s field. Basically we talk about the rules of football, but adding a layer of fantasy and brutality rarely seen.

Once the kick is made, it should be remembered that in 'Blood Bowl' is almost everything allowed.

Once the kick is made, it should be remembered that in ‘Blood Bowl’ is almost everything allowed.

Once we start the campaign mode -and this is something that we recommend encarecidamente-, the game slowly unravels the intricacies of us little gameplay , teaching from the motion passes, through special attacks or differences between attack and defense field.In this way we will live several meetings -always story will control the Reavers Reikland a team of humans and ogres, faithful to the empire-some of them very complicated and fun, and a lot that will help us to understand the rules of Blood Bowl.


  • Humorous characters with unique attitude
  • League option is fun to dig in


  • Some team character may feel overpowered


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