Construction Simulator Review

It has been a while since the last Construction Simulator; Weltenbauer and Software Entwicklung GmbH are back for a brand new construction simulation game published by astragon Entertainment, Construction Simulator, launched on September 20 on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. This simulation allows you to take control of more than 70 machines with a selection of two continents, Europe and America, so without further due, Let’s dig in!

Construction Simulator is, as its name suggests, a construction simulation title where you must take control of many construction machines to do odd jobs to earn a living in your brand-new start-up business. You will drive excavators, cranes, forklifts, and many other machines, brands such as Caterpillar, CASE and BELL. Brands already familiar with Construction Simulator games. More than 70 machines for a similar number of tasks or even more.

Before starting, we will have to create our company and character. For the latter, the customization options, such as the helmet, the glasses, or the hearing protection, are minimal. After completing your character, you can create your business or join an online business. Then, all you have to do is choose your region, the logo and the name. And everything will finally be ready to start the adventure.

Depending on the map selected at the start, we will have a primary mission dedicated to the area. For example, on the European map inspired by the idyllic cities of southwestern Germany, we will have to help design solutions for renewable energy and improve the city’s infrastructure. But above all, we will have to accomplish different tasks with the much equipment available. To help us in our campaign, we will be accompanied by our mentor, Hope, who will tell us what to do throughout the adventure.

We must follow the main plot during the campaign, letting us know a little about all the machines. And take control of it. The quests in this campaign will bring us money and credits. But during our adventure, we can also accept various contracts. These will not be mandatory. But they will allow you to live the experience to the fullest, in addition to the main campaign storyline. For each contract, we will have information, such as the number of sites, the gain, or the time spent. It is up to us to do them or not. The money will be used to buy new vehicles, as well as various accessories. This will fill its car fleet. Everything that can be purchased can, of course, be resold. 

The more we progress in the adventure, the more experience we gain. For each new level, we will take a skill point which will unlock one of the skills for our character. These will be very useful later. But completing contracts won’t just be for gaining experience. This will also increase the level of business improvement. And the more we chain the contracts, and our company will have importance. This will allow us to have more beneficial contracts for the company.

Once started in Construction Simulator, it’s hard to let go of the game. The game offers so many activities that you never do the same thing. To plant trees. We are exiting a car with a backhoe and laying gravel on a pitch with a truck. Loading and unloading heavy loads with a crane. Diverse and varied tasks that we take pleasure in linking. Especially to discover the different vehicles. Of course, for each of the machines in the game, we will have the right to a small written tutorial explaining its use to us because a crane cannot be controlled like an excavator. And even if the beginnings are difficult. Once you master the machines, you accomplish all the tasks easily.

A construction Simulator is a time-consuming simulation like many simulations. But unlike a game like Bus Simulator, this simulation has its limits. And if we spend too much time on it, we will quickly see the end of it. Admittedly, there are two cards. So twice as much playing time. And it is possible to embark on a multiplayer career. But it still lacks a real sandbox mode to enjoy the game once the campaign is over, with lots of missions or others. Of course, a construction simulation is not handled like a bus simulation. And in the end, it’s pretty challenging to have a bit of freedom in a game that leaves no room for fun once all the work is done.

Final Thoughts

Despite this, Construction Simulator is a perfect game. There are many vehicles, all very well-modelled. Whether from inside or outside, it’s realistic, with awe-inspiring attention to detail. Vehicle animations are just as realistic. We have the right to a simulation as we like them. Admittedly, there are some flaws. Driving sometimes leaves something to be desired. The AI ​​doesn’t pay much attention. And some mission bugs prevent us from completing it. And even if it is enough to restart the game. It may seem frustrating. But apart from that, Construction Simulator is a pleasant simulation, which we like to take in hand for its vehicles and various contracts. You could spend hours there without ever stopping. And even more online.

To conclude, after four years of absence, Construction Simulator is making a resounding comeback. weltenbauer and Software Entwicklung GmbH offer a realistic simulation, with many activities to perform and many vehicles to drive for hours and hours of play. A simulation where you won’t be bored for a single second. And that we take pleasure in browsing solo as well as online. Of course, it is not without flaws. But nothing that patches can’t fix. So, with some updates, Construction Simulator will be a perfect game for simulation and construction fans.



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