Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition Review

The enhanced edition of Dying Light comes with a fun and full expansion and Techland demonstrates their good efforts again.

As you can imagine, by introducing vehicles and lead to a map set in a large field, despite what might appear in size, resulting in a scenario of less dense game and less likely to Harran , with points of interests removed far from each other and with little to do with each other.

These locations are usually things like villages, small structures, bases of bandits and caves, and unfortunately tend to constantly repeat its design, coming to convey a sense of deja vu when we visited yet another house where even the decor of the rooms is exactly the same.


As for the mission design, these again have a strong narrative component that contextualizes and gives meaning to everything we do , something applicable to both related to the main story as secondary. The problem is that these often focus their objectives give us a lot of unnecessary turns, as if that seek to extend the duration of the expansion artificially, something that is particularly evident in the closing stages of the plot (which by the way, it is not no big deal, but knows how to keep the plot well).

Overall, still a lot of fun to play, especially in the company of your friends play because the missions are very pleasant and always manage to arouse our curiosity to find out what we will find upon arrival at the designated point. Of course, I advised that this time has opted for a breakthrough in the structure, cause we have to do side missions to unlock the key. This is because we now have to earn the trust of this mysterious cult before they allow us to continue in our goal.


Among other innovations they have included a few new weapons , like the defendant crossbow (perfect to get into camp quietly bandits), a devastating semi-automatic shotgun and a machine gun with which to clean areas of zombies at a time. This additional weapons will be very useful, because in The Following you will find a new type of infected intended to be defeated in cooperative which will be very challenging.

Completing The Following took us between 8 to 10 hours , but if you want to go for the 100% this can be easily extended  12 to 15 hours, not bad when you consider that this is an expansion that costs just $20 if it was sold separately.

Graphically the game is pretty much the same with a bit of visual enhancements, keeping intact its many beauties (modeling, lighting, draw distance, effects, textures, etc.)  Don’t get us wrong Dying Light is a game with great visuals already but the enhanced edition doesn’t feel too different than before.


Final Thoughts

The Following is a good expansion which gives player just what is expected of an expansion: more hours of a great game and with the same quality. Maybe not perfect but knows how to entertain and make you have a good time without too many complications while providing small but notable developments. If you liked Dying Light and wanting more,  this is your adventure, and a chance to discover the end of the story, and if you never had a chance to play Dying Light before, now you have the perfect opportunity to step into this richly entertaining zombie apocalypse with Enhanced Edition.


  • Fair amount of content and gameplay for a reasonable price
  • Some very hard and challenging missions
  • Addition of Buggy is simply awesome!


  • Some secondary character voices repeatedly used.


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