Extreme Exorcism Review

To add more life to the matter, each of the areas of game has a different design and some unique items like bumpers, moving platforms, fire, etc. These elements still add more atmosphere to the development of each spectral hunting, existing more complicated and convoluted than others, as they send the canons of the genre areas. And finally, you can also collect power ups ranging special being seen occasionally on the set such as Exorcism, object outside wings provide their holders are able to eliminate the spectrum within an area determined action.

When we play together with other friends we can choose different characters as Mikoto, Sylvia, etc.

When we play together with other friends we can choose different characters as Mikoto, Sylvia, etc.

To all this that I just explained is add a couple of additional game modes. On one side is the wayChallenge , which invites us to pass tests under certain rules and weapons. Very old school, it’s a mode that can keep us hooked for weeks just for that to overcome time and again our scores and improve our ability. And then we find the classic Deathmatch mode , a competitive madness we must strike down the rest of our friends in a frenzy of shooting and excitement for four participants.

Therefore without being the deepest and absorbing title indie scene, this creation of Golden Ruby Games knows how to entertain and, above all, how to bring together multiple players in the same room. And the multiplayer becomes the great attraction of this title, since solo playing pretty lost , at least in our opinion. Something that often happens with many games that have a similar approach.

In conclusion, with regard to the technical side it is a title that emulates it enjoyed in the age of 8 bits , with well recreated and animated characters but terribly pixelated. It is one of those games that are relatively pleasant to watch, although some funds have seemed too sencillotes and, on special occasions, playing in multiplayer hard to discern what is happening on screen.


This visual simplicity is supported by a simple but sound section strong enough, at least in regard to the sound effects. The melodies are more ordinary, very generic, but not just annoying or tiresome resulting.

Final Thoughts

Cooperative and competitive addiction in a classic platformer inspired 8-bit frame. That is the deal offered by this new downloadable title that has an unmatched simplicity but can end up being more absorbent than it seems. What happens is that if we play solo, the title loses much of its appeal. Ideal for late-night sessions among friends.



  • 8 bit addicts will love the art and style
  • Arcade mode is fun and very addicting
  • Game mechanics such as customizable weapons well thought


  • Gameplay may get repetitive quickly
  • Multiplayer portion is good but a little complex for beginners


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