Green Hell Review

For almost a decade, survival titles have been of great importance in gaming, and now they’re coming to consoles after their success. Minecraft set a precedent in the gameplay and mechanics of survival games, and over the years we have seen that the formula got better and better. Some with their pluses and some with their minuses have added interesting elements and have played with aspects never seen before in the genre. Green Hell proposed the possibly most immersive experience to date and finally, it releases on the consoles. We leave zombies, monsters and other creatures behind to face the danger posed by nature itself. This is the premise that we will find in Green Hell, the title in which we will discover the Amazon jungle treasures’ threats.

A title developed by veterans

Green Hell is the first video game released by the Creepy Jar studio. However, many of the members of this studio are veterans in the industry. Here, former Techland and Flying Wild Hog workers responsible for Dying Light and Shadow Warrior, respectively, join their minds to create this survival title. In 2015, they decided to form their own studio and bring the project to life, this being one that came through the Steam Early Access program. It wasn’t until recently that the title released its long-waited console version, which we review today.

A suspenseful story mode

One of the shortcomings of many survival games is that of a well-written and meaningful narrative. Green Hell not only has this more than interesting narrative, but we can also enjoy its survival mode and a challenge mode. In addition, we also find several levels of difficulty, the highest of which has permanent death. Regarding its plot,  a couple of researchers travel to the deepest part of the Amazon to get in touch and get to know the “Waraha” tribe. After the disappearance of Mia, the partner of Dr. Jake Higgins, whom we play in the title, we will have to embark on his search, beginning our deadly game of survival.

Survival for the most ‘hardcore.’

When I have discussed its immersive nature in the opening lines of this article, I have deliberately mentioned it. And it is that we will have to go with lead feet on this map since dangers surround us. Plus, the materials manufacturing process, inventory, condition checking, and other little details make Green Hell a comfortingly hellish experience. Surviving during the first hours of play in this jungle is difficult. However, with experience, we will end up adapting to the mechanics it presents.

In the same way, it is important to note that, during the journey, they do not give you the lighter, but you will have to find the wood and tinder on your own to create fire. This, in addition, if true, refers to the fact that it is a title with playable elements that aspire to realism. We have already seen this desire for extreme survival in games like The Forest, a title that, in fact, can remind us a lot in terms of crafting, inventory and others, although here we want to go a step further.

To know, you have to experiment. Without going too deep, we have already talked about the dangers that this jungle treasures, although perhaps with some examples, I can put you in a situation of the trends of this game. In Green Hell, we have a notebook with annotations of what we discover; tips, crafts and objectives are collected here. While the most basic issues of defence and shelter are already covered in the notebook, there are some that we will have to learn as we explore and experiment for ourselves. There are others concerning the health of our body that we will have to learn the hard way: eat and taste the unknown without knowing how your body will react. You will learn how to save yourselve from a snake bite, fever, parasites, wounds and other adversities that we will find during our journey.

There are two ways of knowing our physical state. Our smartwatch on the wrist will monitor our hydration and necessary nutrients. This watch will also tell us the position in which we are and, of course, the time. Another method to know how we are doing is to inspect our own body since, by turning our arms and legs, we will make sure that no leech is sucking our blood, that we do not have bites or rashes or that we are dirty. Being attentive to our health, stamina, clock, and body is vital for survival in this game.

Another example that makes Green Hell an immersive title is the system developed for the map. And, once we have found the first map through the jungle (there are a total of 3), we will have to understand it and know how to orient ourselves, since at no time will we have a minimap to know where we are at all times. It is enough to help us with the map and the compass of our watch to position ourselves and go exploring. The areas that we have discovered will be marked on the map, and our position will be reflected on the map also thanks to the GPS of our watch.

The Amazon at its best

Green Hell has a graphic section to match, where we will glimpse a good level of detail in our environment and in all the natural areas through which we have to explore. Although it is not the pinnacle in terms of technical level, we can enjoy the nature surrounding us in conditions, which in various areas will manage to enter us through the eyes. And since we have mentioned its technical section, it must be said that you should not expect much in terms of optimization.

Final Thoughts

Green Hell is one of the most suitable survival experiences for the most experienced players of the genre. This title focuses its mechanics on realism, making it as immersive as possible. Without having invented anything new, the truth is that the addition of its story mode gives it that unique touch in the genre. Despite some of its technical problems, the title is a remarkable game to add to our collection.



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