Heavy Rain: Remastered Edition Review

Heavy Rain comes PS4 with few improvements, even after 6 years, it is still such a strong and an amazing title.

People who played the game on PS3 will realise that there are 2 things missing from the remastered version. Heavy Rain was compatible with PS Move on PS3 and with good results, whereas here that option is not available. Second missing content is, this version is not include the episode taxidermist, a separate chapter starring Madison where she is investigating a case which is unrelated to the main story. It was short but replayable, with a handful of resolutions possible and was part of what would be more expansions featuring each character until the rest were canceled and it was only one bonus episode. Once we finished the game thinking it could be locked until after completion, but it does not appear. We do not know if the bonus chapter was exclusive to PS3. Wish that bonus chapter was carried over to PS4 as well.


Final Thoughts

heavy-rain-2015111917032_1Heavy Rain is an essential and a must have game for all PlayStation 4 gamers,  and if this is your first time, take a step without fear: Heavy Rain still keeps its crown. It has charismatic protagonists, some of the tensest and disturbing scenes of recent years, and the responsibility to control the course of an incredible crime mystery.


  • Improved graphics along with the addition of V-sync Finally!
  • Even after 6 years this game still holds the crown in its own genre
  • Every action you choose impacts the ending of the story, and serves multiple endings


  • Move controller support removed from this version
  • There are no signs of the Bonus mission Taxidermist in this edition


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