Heavy Rain: Remastered Edition Review

Heavy Rain comes PS4 with few improvements, even after 6 years, it is still such a strong and an amazing title.

This is what makes Heavy Rain unique compared to Beyond: Two Souls, game where the really important decisions are made the ending and there is no pressure involved in that progress. Because that is another achievement of Heavy Rain: that made you worry about the characters and their fate, and even you do good or bad whenever possible you won’t receive a reward in the traditional sense of the video games.


Just to give you an example; In one of the first chapters Ethan comes home from school with Shaun. In the house, there is a schedule to follow: as he needs to have a snack, then finish homework. eat dinner and sleep at 8:00 pm. It’s a game that does not penalize you for being a bad father. You can let Shaun pass all afternoon watching cartoons … but remorse and responsibility make us feel guilty, such a strong effect and bond with the in-game character, which is hard to experience in video games these days. Several times you have the life of characters in your hand and is absolutely our decision, without reward or punishment.

Heavy Rain is not further from reality. Also there are clear influence that the atmosphere inspired from movies such as Se7en and Saw and a little and we have to admit that it worked so very well.


Heavy Rain uses the push buttons and moves the right stick to interact with objects. There are actions that are more complex than necessary, especially those calling for multiple simultaneous pressing buttons or waving the command. Quantic Dream would seem to exploit the Sixaxis in every way they could, even if it was not necessary. But they exploited it in the most consistent fashion with use of the buttons and features.


The type of graphic restoration is similar to that you saw in Beyond: Two Souls, with small touches in the post processing. There is an improvement in the quality of shadows, better antialiasing, also they added a type of environmental occlusion and more advanced lighting. To detect this you need to see direct comparison, next to the PlayStation 3 version.


Load time is reduced and, of course, the native resolution scales up from 720p to 1080p, the main technical defect which Heavy Rain suffered heavyly is now solved: there are now vertical sync, stabilizing the image and preventing any screen tear even in the more complex scenes, such as scenes with crowd. Since immersion is one of the pillars for Quantic Dream games.


  • Improved graphics along with the addition of V-sync Finally!
  • Even after 6 years this game still holds the crown in its own genre
  • Every action you choose impacts the ending of the story, and serves multiple endings


  • Move controller support removed from this version
  • There are no signs of the Bonus mission Taxidermist in this edition


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