Kismet Review

Kismet, developed by Psyop, is an application that simulates the experience of having your future read by a  virtual fortune teller! You will certainly feel like being in this mystical world with a fortune teller. Compatible with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, Kismet proposes three options to entertain, two of them will tell you about your future, and a third one is a mini game.

Kismet is an interactive experience and since there is nothing on the market similar to what it offers. The setting and the Fortune Teller is very well designed, and developers achieved the atmosphere perfectly, making it worth trying just for that. As mentioned earlier there are three options to choose;

kismet04She can read your Tarot, in which you need to choose three cards from the deck of 22 tarot cards(cards are drawn very beautiful) ,

She can also read your daily fortune thanks to astrology. In this mode, you must input your date of birth, and the answer will be in real time based on stars and their alignment.

The last option is a game that you can play against to Fortune Teller, where you take turns and roll a dice then choose your stone and move them across the board.

kismet03 Kismet is a daily experience; It will give different results in each calendar date, linked directly not only the cards you choose but the date of birth itself and the actual alignment of stars at the time of reading. The atmosphere, graphics, and immersion are very strong in this experience; it is a joy to look at all the details in the stages and in the animated cards. Kismet is not an experience that you will spend hours playing, but again it offers something different than usual. It is a comfortable experience whether you are new to VR or a veteran and can be experienced at all ages. If you like demoing your VR headset to friends and family, this will be a surprising experience for them but let them know that this only a fun experience and they shouldn’t expect any certainty from the readings.

kismettKismet is like being inside an animated tale, and a must try experience for all!



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