Little Big Workshop Review

Imagine that a magic factory appears in your living room. A carefully planned masterpiece in which diligent workers create whatever customers want. Rubber ducks, drones and electric guitars, scooters ...

Years ago, management games were unthinkable on consoles for their control, but thanks to radial menus and other modifications, we see many of them today. One of the latest to arrive on Nintendo Switch is Little Big Workshop, a complex title set in a friendly miniature world.


As if it were Pana Noel’s elves, we find a miniature workshop that works from a bedroom study table, in which we find pencils, scissors and other everyday utensils. The mission of this workshop is to manufacture objects. For this, we have to design the premises, hire employees, and place machinery typical of the genre but oriented towards the tuition of objects.

Understanding it well is to understand it well recommended to follow the tutorial because the options are much more than they seem initially, and the mechanics are few. Creating a complex object may first require creating simpler objects or modifying materials. Also, since it is a workshop that sells its goods, we have to consider the money factor, studying cost and profit margin, necessary material and storage.


In short, we have great complexity at our fingertips, but it is manageable without being very cumbersome. It is also necessary to supervise that everything is in good condition (avoid that the machines explode), so we cannot leave the factory on standby too much. The most interesting thing is that in the middle of the whole routine, we get missions that are out of the ordinary, like finding spies among the staff.

The graphic style is quite nice and reflects very well what is sought with its approach. When we zoom in, we appreciate a lot of details and, despite not being a technical marvel, it more than meets what can be expected from a game like this, on the management genre’s style much in the style of the management genre, with melodies that play in the background to create an accompaniment to avoid silences.

If you like management, Little Big Workshop is a title that knows how to offer a good dose of it with certain originality but following its genre’s great principles. Nor should we forget that, although the Nintendo Switch can be played in handheld mode, the number of letters and elements that can appear on the screen make it more advisable to be in TV mode.

Final Thoughts

Management in the style of other titles of the genre, but with its particular graphic design and elements, makes it stand out and a must buy if you’re a fan of the genre.



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