The Talos Principle Deluxe Edition Review

The Talos Principle comes with an expansion to PlayStation 4. It is one of the best puzzle game on the console in recent years.

Last year Croteam, whose well known mainly by the pretty wild action series Serious Sam, was pulled off a surprising game that could well be “the Portal 2014” , The Talos Principle. A puzzle game without shooting, even that amount of skill required by the Valve game, instead in Talos no shooting, just think and enjoy a philosophical history.

Greek mythology and robots

We are an android that explores ruins in a quiet garden with plants and buildings of typical Mediterranean architecture.A heavenly voice begins to guide us through many trials, divided into small areas enclosed by walls and energy gates.

It is a puzzle game, with a deep story

While enjoying the story there are additional optional quests to complete, which require you to  investigate terminals or looking for hidden QR codes. The world of The Talos Principle is very interesting, especially for fans of science fiction and the question that once artificial intelligence becomes reality in the future: what does it mean to be human? Some computers provide us information of the mystery that lies behind it and others will be something like surveys or stories to see our reaction.

There are also several endings that depend on the amount of collectibles achieved and puzzles solved. It is up to the player at this point that how much you would like to invest to get the full experience.

Most puzzles require you to study stage.

Most puzzles require you to understand the stage

In regards to the puzzle part, its open open world allows player to choose from more than hundred of tests that requires you to reac a Tetris-like piece to solve, you need to go through small labyrinths protected by sentries and turrets. At first puzzles will felt very easy and you will pass levels very quickly but more you dive into game, puzzles will get harder and harder. You can return to the main world anytime and leave the most complex puzzles for later without any problem.

There number of tools to solve puzzles. Light reflectors that bounce lasers  which is a classic of this genre, blocks placed on platforms or build mounds, fans and movement recorder that creates a clone -requires yo to think first and decide what you do in each trial. The latter give the most complex puzzles of the game and can lengthen the duration of each test than normal , so do not be afraid if during the first hour the puzzles seems pretty easy. It get very harder eventually.

The map is open. You can choose the order of the tests.

An example of the first and simplest challenges are blocking bots that follow a predefined path by jamming devices. Sounds easy until these devices get scarce, and that’s when you should time your jammer to make these devices pass through the barriers, you can stop a distant enemy or can use them to proceed new areas. It’s a game that will take more than ten hours if you want to squeeze the maximum , also obtaining secondary targets-which gives additional stars upon completion, often left hidden or placed to most difficult to access areas so listening to what the story wants to tell is important to get to these collectibles.


  • Strong puzzle elements and fun to work you way around
  • Graphics are beautiful and nice soundtrack that completes the whole experience
  • Some good read about philosophy


  • Some hiccups in more complex scenes
  • Philosophy and Puzzles may not be entertaining for all


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