Need For Speed (2015) Review

Need for Speed(2015) ​​returns with spectacular visuals and it's fun, but the franchise definitely needs some fresh air.

The selection of cars is very good, there are 51 different models ranging from more authentic classic junky cars that can be tuned in to a spectacular supercars. While having so many options, even the least promising cars can turn into worthy machines to compete in this world. Tuning is really important never forget not to judge a book by it’s cover, even the least appealing cars can be a supercar with the right mechanical setup.


Need for Photorealism

The Frostbite engine continues to surprise, and offers us a game that is simply photorealistic. It is always dark, and the never ending wet-asphalt, but the results speak for themselves. Graphic Engine showcases very good details and vehicle damage, and even running at 30 frames per second, what we see on screen is very good.


Yet a game that requires always online, lacking of a picture mode is somewhat surprising. People would post up spectacular photos to social networks and EA could get free advertising, but they totall missed the opportunity. You can capture screens with the R3, but no options fo modifying the camera parameters or take a picture. Who knows this maybe added in the future with an update, but it would be nice to have it in the package from start.

Campaign comes with sequences of actual video we see from a first-person perspective, which, along with phone calls, as you progress through. Game’s integration with CGI graphics to real video sequences seems successful. It feels much natural then hanging around with virtual characters.


Soundtrack with great electronics that fits perfectly to the atmosphere of the races, and also the volume is adjusted dynamically to what happens on the screen is well done. While you are speeding the music sound gets higher than if you stop, and this helps us to get you more focused and gets you more excitement in races.

Just an Entertaining racing game from beginning to end

201511304747_1As we mentioned earlier Need for Speed doesn’t introduce any significant innovations, but recovered some features of previous releases that may feel new. Of course, if you’re tired of the Burnout Paradise formula, the ideal is that you stay away from this title. Need for Speed ​​is a game of contrasts. It’s fun from beginning to end, but perhaps also because it is a little short on content, and is easier to complete before you get bored. However, if you’re still enjoying open world racing games, then Need for Speed ​​deserves a chance. And if and also enjoy the tuning , you will enjoy the endless possibilities in Need for Speed (2015).


  • Ventura Bay is big and filled with lots of challenges to complete
  • Frostbite Engine 3 is simply beautiful to look at, makes Need for Speed a photorealistic racing game.
  • Tuning possibilities with-in the game is endless, and you can spend hours to built your dream car.


  • Rubber-band AI makes the game an easy challenge
  • Lack of high traffic in order to get the feel of street racing, makes Ventura Bay a lifeless town.


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