Need For Speed (2015) Review

Need for Speed(2015) ​​returns with spectacular visuals and it's fun, but the franchise definitely needs some fresh air.

Need for Speed ​​has also generated some controversy because game requires to stay connected to the Internet. Yes, there are other live-racers whom we can challenge if we passed them on the map, or other options and other statistics are available, but nothing that really justies always-connected formula when you could just want to do story missions. One way or another, if you go to play online, we encourage you to do with friends. Otherwise it can be tedious and boring.


Its main shortcoming is probably the lack of innovation. Need for Speed 2015 brings nothing new, it’s almost identical to other games in the series. What’s new is the changes in the atmosphere and story. It would be nice that at least introduce some remarkable additions in this game to keep it fresh, maybe new online modes or power-ups(like Blur). Also some elements of the game are lacking, Police cars are absurdly easy to evade, that adds nothing interesting.

Tuning like never before

Tuning-lovers are going to enjoy the new Need for Speed ​​. The amount of possibilities is huge, and we have the opportunity to modify virtually any part outside of our car, as well as many non-visible mechanical parts, that affect vehicle performance.

With regards to the appearence, you can edit almost entirely whole body of your car. Not only you can buy new parts to just change the appearance of your car, but also it is possible to change some the parts itself.


Similar to the previous games, you can choose the paint, and combine it with different styles and colors and lots of stickers, to get a unique look. With regards to painting it’s not only limited to color, but you can adjust the matte and the metal glossiness you want to get, which makes it nearly impossible not to find the tone you’re looking for.


As for the mechanical tuning, we can change aspects such as traction, something very important, as well as the width of the body, the gap between the wheels and their inclination, the height of our car with respect to both at the front and by the rear-end and other many small details to make each car truly unique and different.

Additionally, these settings will vary how you approach the game. We said before that drifting is essential, but if you prefer a more controlled ride, you can do it, which will almost completely change the gameplay. Besides, it is interesting to have several vehicles with various configurations, since according to your style of play wil earn you items in different categories.


  • Ventura Bay is big and filled with lots of challenges to complete
  • Frostbite Engine 3 is simply beautiful to look at, makes Need for Speed a photorealistic racing game.
  • Tuning possibilities with-in the game is endless, and you can spend hours to built your dream car.


  • Rubber-band AI makes the game an easy challenge
  • Lack of high traffic in order to get the feel of street racing, makes Ventura Bay a lifeless town.


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