Jedi Star Wars: Fallen Order Review

Respawn Entertainment creates one of the biggest and best Star Wars adventures ever, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

It is challenging for a video game to surprise the masses these days, but Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has done it. After a few months very intense and full of great premieres, many may have the impression that the title may flop, but we can assure you that it is the opposite, without a doubt, one of the greats of this year. And not only that but also one of the best and most ambitious Star Wars games ever made. Ready to feel the Force again?

The journey of Cal Kestis

This time we are facing an adventure for a player who tells us the story of Cal Kestis , a young Padawan who could not complete his training and who survived the fateful Order 66. Years after the events of Episode III, our hero is discovered for the Empire and is forced to undertake a long journey to become a true Jedi and find his place in the galaxy, giving us the perfect excuse to enjoy a fantastic odyssey in which we will visit numerous planets, we will face powerful enemies and solve Countless mysteries.

Unfortunately, the main plot has not seemed anything to us of the other world, since it contributes absolutely nothing to this universe, falls into almost all the topics of the series and fails to establish a truly memorable antagonist, resulting in extremely predictable at all times. Of course, it is very well narrated, the group of protagonists is much more worked than it might seem, the winks and references are included in a very organic and natural way, and the audiovisual language of the films has been traced to enjoy and enjoy the fans.

A great 3D Metroidvania

Entering the playable, the first thing we have to highlight is that we are facing a pure and hard 3D Metroidvania, although neither does it doubt when taking elements of different genres to mix them and give them a unique and personal touch. So, we must travel through different worlds whose maps we can explore with total freedom while we fight, platform, solve puzzles, open shortcuts and get new skills, tools and improvements that will allow us to reach new previously inaccessible places.

The fascinating thing is that the level design is a genius, one of the best we have seen in the genre, offering alternative routes, hidden secrets in shocking and ingenious ways, connections between totally unexpected areas, shortcuts designed to the millimetre and a backtracking tremendously satisfactory that will not stop encouraging us to revisit sites to discover new paths and hidden treasures.

To give you an idea of ​​how well designed the maps are, in Respawn, they have decided to do without teleports and the classic fast travel function despite the size they have. Still, it is something that we have not missed since our mobility through the scenarios will only increase with the shortcuts we will open and the skills we will gain, reaching a point where we will be able to move from one end to another in just a couple of minutes.

A very varied adventure

Here we also have to highlight the great variety of situations that usually present us, with some great platform platforms in which we must chain numerous skills and powers while accurately calculating each of our jumps, surprisingly well-planned and very entertaining puzzles of Resolve and some fighting that at the most advanced levels of difficulty will prevent us from relaxing.

The power of the force

Regarding the latter, it should be noted that the development team has been strongly inspired by what we saw in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, so we will have a stop and block system that plays a fundamental role in protecting us from our rivals and destabilize them. Similarly, both our opponents and we will have a posture bar that will be reduced based on blows, and if we manage to parry enemies attacks and attack them, then we will break their defences temporarily.

The inspiration is clear, and it is something that is noticed by the commanders. However, in practice, the battles are not so visceral and have a different rhythm, a little more leisurely, where there is room for the elusive and where to use with the head the powers of the Force It is essential. With all this, we get that we feel like authentic Jedis, although we would lie if we did not say that we would have liked a tad more in-depth in what he proposes since the attack movements that we can learn in the skill tree are minimal and are not always as useful. Despite this, the confrontations are entertaining and perfectly fulfill their mission, shining especially in the fighting against the spectacular bosses that await us on our way. The former may know you little, but we can confirm that they do not stop improving and that the last two are bright and challenging.

Here it should also be noted that the game includes four levels of difficulty and that each of them modifies the precision necessary to make a perfect stop, the aggressiveness of the enemies and the damage we receive. The first two have seemed extremely easy, while the third finds an ideal balance, offering us a very stimulating, balanced and tremendously satisfying challenge. On the other hand, if you want to really test yourself and live this as if it were a FromSoftware game, the maximum level will make you sweat blood and scream in frustration.

A fascinating detail is that we can modify the difficulty from the pause menu whenever we want, and we are not in combat. There is no achievement or trophy related to its different levels, so do not hesitate to try them and adjust them until you find the one that best suits you.

A perfect progression rate

Another of the great successes of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order we have in the well-measured that is the pace of obtaining new skills, improvements, powers and tools because it will not take more than half an hour between getting one and the other, converting exploration in a tremendously addictive experience. We will always be increasing our ability to reach new places and move around the map, encouraging us to continue playing just for the pure pleasure of discovering what is the next power we have to learn, something that only the best Metroidvania players can boast and that It says a lot about what has been achieved here.

The dark side of the collectibles

What we didn’t like too much has been the kind of rewards and collectibles we can get for exploring, since most of them don’t feel like something special or unique that has real value. The vast majority of chests that we will find only contain colour variants for our poncho, for the ship and for our droid, as well as pieces to modify the appearance of our lightsaber. None of this has effects of any kind at a playable level, so they are mere aesthetic accessories.

Of course, there are also secret items to increase the maximum of our life bar and the Force meter. However, three of each are needed for them to have an effect, so we will not always feel rewarded by them, something that can discourage us from when exploring, and that takes away much appeal. Probably, the most valuable collectible of all we have in some unique and very scarce chests with which we can increase the number of healing loads that we will get when resting, but little else. It may seem silly, but it is something that has deterred us from continuing to play after finishing the main story, since there is nothing that really pushes us to achieve 100%, beyond our desire to complete everything.

A long adventure

What has surprised us a lot is its duration since it is an unusually long game for the genre in question. What it takes to reach the end is something that will vary considerably depending on the difficulty chosen and what you want to stop to explore, but the average ranges between 15 and 20 hours or so to the point, a figure that You can ascend entirely until 25 and 30 hours if we intend to get everything, so you can not say that it lacks content.

Visually discreet, but very spectacular

Perhaps one of its weakest points is in its graphics section. It is not that it is bad, much less. Still, it does not happen from the simply correct in the purely technical, with animations that can sometimes be somewhat strange, specific bugs, some modelling that does not surprise (and when they do it is for bad, as in the case of wookiees) and a very frequent and annoying loading of high-resolution textures. However, its fantastic artistic design and staging manage to compensate much of its defects and leave us with gorgeous and spectacular prints by the use made of the camera and lighting.

Finally, the sound gives us an unparalleled and first-level soundtrack that uses with great mastery new compositions inspired by the scores from John Williams, as well as themes extracted directly from the movies that will make your hair stand on end when you recognize them for the moment in those who make an appearance. The voice acting follow this same tone, with very well chosen actors who make perfect performances, since the same voices that we hear in the cinema and television of certain characters have remained.

Final Thoughts

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a great game that has trapped us from start to finish. It is much more than one would expect, and it shows that in Respawn, they have taken this project very seriously, showing at all times unprecedented respect for this beautiful universe. The result is none other than a great adventure with a lot of substance, varied, with exceptional level design and full of successes. There are small details here and there that prevent it from reaching the outstanding one, but if you are attracted to what it proposes, we are convinced that you will enjoy it as if there were no tomorrow, whether you are fans of the series or not. May the force be with you!

We have prepared this review, playing the title on PS4 Pro with a digital copy provided by Electronic Arts.



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