Ubisoft presents Just Dance Unlimited Service 2016

Just Dance 2016

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Ubisoft presents Just Dance Unlimited Service 2016

Introducing a subscription service for current consoles.

Ubisoft presents Just Dance Unlimited Service 2016

In the last E3 Just Dance Unlimited subscription service was announced along with Just Dance 2016 . This online service will be only be available for  Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Wii U only, but not for last generation consoles.

This service will allow players to access over 150 additional for the title song and dance that have appeared in previous installments plus, of course, new songs through a subscription.

Just Dance 2016 will give a free month of access to the service, but then users will have to pay to keep their subscription, for now Ubisoft has made ​​no official announcements about the how much it will cost. It has been speculated to cost approximately $40 per year, but again this has not been confirmed by Ubisoft yet.

Ubisoft presents the new service with a trailer:

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