Resident Evil 6 Review

Resident Evil 6 arrives to current gen consoles with all downloadable content and graphical enhancements.

One of the aspects that squeaks graphics is the uneven quality of the textures. It happened in the old consoles and is still visible: a wall, a door or an object will look blurry when closely looked at. Also, some objects may suddenly appears in front of the character out of nowhere. The remastering is just right. You can tell that they have done extensive work on the game to get the maximum out of it but again comparing to engines nowadays, you will be able to see a difference.

resident-evil-6-2016329103349_6Final Thoughts

A Resident Evil 6 , as for the remastering, it does the job. Not drastically changed other than the resolution and 60 frames per second changes, but it may be enough incentive if you have not played it at all.


  • Hours content waiting to be played, all DLC is included from previous version
  • Enhance graphics give more immersion to game


  • Control mechanics feels old and needs update
  • Some textures left low resolution and objects popping in front of camera.


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