Rock Band 4 Review

Still, fear not: Harmonix wants Rock Band 4 has a wide commercial life during generation, and has continued to report that this fourth installment, enjoy game modes, new features and surprises after its launch . Hopefully these are signs of continued support more than just promises and go beyond an encouraging statement of intent.

Rock Band is a game that has its aesthetic very clear, and its identity . In other words: you know you’re playing a Rock Band to simply look at their menus and play their instruments on display. Rock Band 4 is a somewhat conservative delivers visually speaking, and you probably do not know harness the power of new consoles provide more realistic graphics or more groundbreaking situations.

Graphically, Rock Band 4 'not too surprising. It is quite discreet.

Graphically, Rock Band 4 ‘not too surprising. It is quite discreet.

Its interface is clean, clear and very good ; deambularemos no menus like headless chickens, and always have clear what to do or how to get into all time, needless to say that the game is translated and dubbed into Castilian, and quite well besides- menu. Perhaps we are expecting something more, a new push visually. We continue to have caricatured characters, simple scenarios and some rough animations and graphic effects -Lights, smoke more typical of the past generation.

It is all too similar to the last major delivery, saga Rock Band 3 , and although we have said repeatedly that we respect and praise not reject the aesthetic and visual roots of a saga as consolidated as this, we would have not been bad innovate a little more in this section. Especially when we know that Harmonix has made ​​efforts to breathe new life into his game, to make it fresh, but in this regard we believe that Activision Guitar Hero Live your are better designed.


But leaving aside the interfaces and graphics of the game, what Harmonix does seem to move more and more, it is on audio quality. And this, in a game that revolves around music, is essential. The sound is crisp, multichannel and consistent quality standards to which we are accustomed to noise level in recent years . Whether you have a good headphones as if you are owners of an amplifier and a team of multi-channel sound -a 5.1 or 7.1 of the entire life- Rock Band 4 will be one of those games that you get the best out of both devices .


Harmonix has returned to the stage after a hiatus that lasted longer than many predicted. Rock Band 4 is a game that has kept intact its credentials by offering a huge catalog of songs, support for older peripherals and other brands, and providing gameplay so characteristic -aplaudida casuales- delivered and amateur players.

Rock Band 4 is a fourth delivery very conservative . Added to the Rock Band 4 , although they are not particularly groundbreaking, work perfectly. The entrance of improvisation and solos , although some may be considered trivial and mundane seen from outside, fit perfectly into the musical mechanics of title, providing a safety valve for a game that is usually very strong and direct in terms of pace .

With this fourth Rock Band gives the feeling that it has achieved a score that is very close to being perfect, both ears novice players, as experts. Although we still believe they can improve is can- -always, Rock Band 4 appears as the best work to date Harmonix . And given his commendable and remarkable history, we believe it is more than enough to gather our band and back to get on the stage one last time why.



  • Great Visuals
  • Career mode is fun and rewarding
  • Nice set of songs and the upcoming track choices are also promising


  • Lack of multiplayer is a big miss in this era of gamin
  • Lack of freestyle mode, it would be nice to have mode where we can practice
  • New instruments cost a lot comparing to last generation


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