Rock Band 4 Review

Presentation and instruments

We could consider this Rock Band 4 , following the usual slang in the music world as a tour in which members of a group over time separately, are reunited to celebrate what they once were.Because, to be honest, Rock Band 4 , is just that: a finding in absolute terms of what has been defined delivery after delivery, year after year, the number of titles of Harmonix .From the first minute that we enter into the clear and concise interface options of the game, we have had little contact with any previous game in the series, we’ll know what to do or where to turn. Everything is well explained, presented and outlined.

Rock Band 4 is, in form and manner, a very conservative game with the standards of the series . This fourth sequel is a delivery that leverages the solid foundations of its predecessors, and not hidden or ashamed of it. But having such a clear structure, and do so well what has always been done without changing one iota of his stoic playable bases, the new features included this fourth installment, which are not exactly few-are conspicuous by their own light.

The gameplay of 'Rock Band' and its rating system, stars and harmonies, is still there.

The gameplay of ‘Rock Band’ and its rating system, stars and harmonies, is still there.

Before entering the field playable, we appreciate the good work of Mad Catz at the time of designing and building the peripheral with which we play this Rock Band 4 . Not talking about a simple piece of plastic with colored buttons or a simple review of past peripherals. Rock Band 4 comes with a completely revised line musical instruments , demonstrating the good work of this brand specializing in accessories and controls, joystick and steering wheels.

Let’s start with the guitar. With a style identical to that of a Fender Stratocaster , guitar wireless Rock Band 4 is comfortable and very pleasant to the touch . There is no kind of rough plastic or of poor quality, with a very notable finishes, distilling a certain sense of product “premium” . The weight is perfect nor too light, not too pesada-, so the idea of robustness Guitar increases. The bar vibrato responds to perfecci√≥nn as well as strumming, and in the case of editing-the PlayStation 4 has been provided to us for analysis-have regular radio buttons and share at our fingertips . And a small switch that lets you change the sound it makes our guitar.

Among the developments regarding the controls, we have called solo buttons, which are located right at the base of the mast , which still fret buttons the-top. Internally, it is noteworthy that has been replaced by a motion sensor accelerometer, improving overall sense several whole instrument. Perhaps the most fans of the series will not notice much improvement or changes in a first visual contact, not counting the aforementioned, which are evident-but it is true that once they have the new guitar in his hands, will appreciate these design tweaks we believe they have been more than successful.


The battery has also undergone modifications paths. By including a series of patches of rubber on the surface impacting the drumsticks it has earned a feedback remarkable, conveying a rebound that has seemed very natural and realistic , and reduce evidently the annoying sound plastic editions above. The pedal has returned to the metal, how could it be otherwise, since the plastic versions past proved to be very little resistance, producing two separate problems after continued use. In the future, Harmonix has confirmed the arrival of the dishes as accessories though the previous Rock Band, are compatible- priori and sell additional pedals start to feel like the best drummer in the world.


  • Great Visuals
  • Career mode is fun and rewarding
  • Nice set of songs and the upcoming track choices are also promising


  • Lack of multiplayer is a big miss in this era of gamin
  • Lack of freestyle mode, it would be nice to have mode where we can practice
  • New instruments cost a lot comparing to last generation


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