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Rock Band 4 Review

All instruments are wireless, connecting via Bluetooth to our console , something that is almost a standard in the industrial, with the exception of the microphone , which has a cable 4.6 meters long, and will force us to pull the port USB Xbox or PlayStation 4 One to run. It’s a shame, and we believe that a real nuisance in the times we live without wires.


The most complete pack of Rock Band 4 and includes the guitar, drums and microphone in addition to the copy of the game and there same two packs, one only with the Fender Stratocaster and the game for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and One Xbox edition with an adapter that will allow seize the instruments of Rock Band for Xbox 360 in this fourth installment. The version for PlayStation 4 will accept all instruments, both wireless, and cable. Also, the peripherals designed by Mad Catz will too. Of course, the equation all keyboards released to date are left out.

A classic theme, versioning: Rock Band improvisation

Rock Band 4 is a title that has very clear what you want to offer and how they do it .Harmonix knows what standards of the series are, and what you expect your potential audience.Login to play a song in Rock Band, it is almost like enjoying a FIFA or PES. There are always new, but the core gameplay, the main mechanics, the identity of the saga, which ultimately defines a franchise. If you’ve played any of the previous installments of Rock Band, you will understand what we mean.

Play a song with several friends, he remains one of the main attractions of 'Rock Band'.

Play a song with several friends, he remains one of the main attractions of ‘Rock Band’.

If anything characterized Rock Band, it was its accessibility . We explain; Rock Band getting what we spent very well, although we did not have much idea of music or we had not touched a game genre before. We offered the possibility of forming a group in our bedroom or living room with our friends, and launch to conquer the stage. And this fourth installment, repeats this formula, adjusting it to be even more complete and enjoyable than usual . Harmonix knows what buttons to adjust had to play a score that was as varied, and does so by offering added to the basic outline of Rock Band to adapt to changing times.

The structure of Rock Band 4 is classic. The game, before-and let us go to our wide after going through a calibration system of basic and somewhat clumsy instrument will give a brief look at the new playable, that although not many, I do enough influence to give a different complexion to the whole saga.

Improvisation and the guitar solos are the new playable added to 'Rock Band 4'.

Improvisation and the guitar solos are the new playable added to ‘Rock Band 4’.

If anything defines this Rock Band 4 , it is improvisation . Music games have a very strong structure, railway, where if we make a mistake in the press and in rhythm, we end up being penalized. It is a mechanism that works-and that is still present in this Rock Band 4 as now you explicaremos-, but has much room for improvement to be more fun, and ultimately addictive.

Thanks to space for improvisation, Rock Band 4 acquires a new playable layer . Now the songs and themes, find spaces alone. In them, the player must give free rein to their imagination, carried away by the subject or the feeling that he or she wakes up in the song. In these solos,traditional dishes buttons disappear, replaced by bars and bands of specific colors and different width and cadence , which tells us how we should interpret the song. New stimuli and visual codes, do not worry, may seem difficult at first, but soon end up assimilating as a natural part of the game.


  • Great Visuals
  • Career mode is fun and rewarding
  • Nice set of songs and the upcoming track choices are also promising


  • Lack of multiplayer is a big miss in this era of gamin
  • Lack of freestyle mode, it would be nice to have mode where we can practice
  • New instruments cost a lot comparing to last generation


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