Rock Band 4 Review

More entertaining and groundbreaking is the way Concerts , a game mode designed for our friends and members of our band and offline- -online enjoy sessions unpredictable and interesting game. In Concerts are one of the most curious developments of the Rock Band 4 : the feedback and requests from the public.

Concerts to an audience delivered, accepting their requests or voting the following topics to touch, another novelty of 'Rock Band 4'.

Concerts to an audience delivered, accepting their requests or voting the following topics to touch, another novelty of ‘Rock Band 4’.

The concerts mode is a sample of how Harmonix has listened to the fans and give life to the games among friends at the controls of different instruments, allowing the group to choose by voting a list of songs. Ie, we start with our favorite subjects, but once we finish the game, or rather, the public-can ask “Songs of 2001”, “Themes of The Police” or “A song by The Who”, inviting us to getting wet we do not know most of the time what subject we’re gonna get, and less if we have an extensive music library behind us and that members vote accordingly.

It is a method very smart for several reasons. On the one hand, it prevents menus visit again and again, choosing from hundreds of songs and running up and down endless lists and dull , and the door opens to a healthy and lively discussion among our colleagues and friends, who will decide one option or another, and in the absence of clear unanimity, the game will always have the last word. Furthermore, we believe that is a wise move even more accommodating those users discover themes, songs and groups.


As I said, the public is a key factor in this mode. Now attendees can ask for encores and very mythical songs of the group we have chosen or jump to chant with us the hottest refrains of our songs. It is added to the basic formula of Rock Band that has proved also very efficient in our games: never experience a gaming session alike. And if we get tired and want something direct and uncomplicated, always we have the option of quick game.

But what would a musical game without his songs? The tracklist initial Rock Band 4 is one of the most powerful we remember a title of its kind , with genres, themes, artists and groups from every conceivable eras. Harmonix has done a remarkable job with life moving almost all the songs that fit like a glove to the style of play of the fourth delivery , especially if the song features guitar solos or the like moments.

In addition, following the policy to reconcile this Rock Band 4 with almost any previous game, all issues and DLC packages that have previously purchased within the digital shop Harmonix title, will be downloadable and executable on this new sequel . That is, any song that we have in our library of Rock Band on the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, can be enjoyed on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, respectively, always and when we talk about the same ecosystem: no export issues PlayStation to Xbox console and vice versa. In this way, Rock Band is all of a sudden a potential catalog of more than 1,500 songs , which is synonymous with unparalleled music library in the video game industry. And no, the themes of The Beatles do not enter.Unfortunately.

Yes, although it is a collection of crazy tracks, Harmonix will not stay there. Their plans are ambitious, and digital game store songs which houses whose prices range from € 0.79 to € 1.49 other – will be receiving regular updates, new music packages and cuts, so that we never Middlesbrough stuck, bored or stuck with the list of songs. It is a very greedy market, especially given the nature of many mitómano music fans.


  • Great Visuals
  • Career mode is fun and rewarding
  • Nice set of songs and the upcoming track choices are also promising


  • Lack of multiplayer is a big miss in this era of gamin
  • Lack of freestyle mode, it would be nice to have mode where we can practice
  • New instruments cost a lot comparing to last generation


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