Star Wars Battlefront Review

We probably do not have to discuss how successful the Star Wars franchise has been and still is to this date! You will find tons of merchandising, several movies and major events happening all around the world. Now, as we have the newest movie of the franchise coming up, we had the enjoyment to play the game itself, which was created by Electronic Arts.


We have seen two games of Star Wars Battlefront in 2004 and 2005, which was developed by Pandemic Studios, and now with DICE in charge, the games engine is absolutely remarkable.

This years game was extremely well promoted and given the huge amount of fans, the success was almost guaranteed. That being said, looking at the stunning graphics which will blow you away. You will find yourself in photorealistic environments and perhaps forget that you are actually in a game. Everything was worked on all the way down to the detail to a point where it comes close to perfection.


The games is extremely well designed and can create fun to all ages that attempt it. Looking at the first person shooter world, you will find that Call of Duty, Battlefield etc have taken over, but not in the way this game was designed. The personality and space that they use is very unique. Also, if you are looking for a brilliant multiplayer, you are at the right place without doubt. We spent hours and hours of enjoyment to play it. However, to purchase all downloadable content, you are looking at a higher cost point that you were hoping for.


All this being said, the game is absolute brilliant with an addiction level that will get have you stuck in front of it for several hours.


  • Visually Impressive!
  • Perfect game to experience for any Star Wars fans out there
  • Variety of game modes, including an awesome spaceship dogfight mode


  • No campaign mode


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