Crysis could be making a return soon, remastered or a new installment?

The official Twitter account of the saga has written a cryptic message after years of inactivity and without showing signs of life. Crysis is a saga that has had a very interesting journey in the industry and good proof of this we had with the launch of its original installment, a real technical monstrosity that put computers of its time, back in 2007, to work like never before. To show us one of ...[Read More]

Hunt: Showdown arrives on PC today

The Crytek video game invites us to fight monsters, fight against other players and launch ourselves to explore the Lousiana swamps. Crytek has announced the release for Hunt: Showdown on PC. The video game comes after a period of early access and priced for $39.99. The edition for PS4 and Xbox One will appear a few months later, specifically in the fall. The company has announced that it will be ...[Read More]

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