Lady Gaga does not know what Fortnite is and Internet explodes

“The singer asked ‘what is Fortnight’ on her Twitter account ; A very addictive video game that you can’t stop playing once you start,” said one user. For many of us, Fortnite is part of our life, although,  it is not like that for everyone: there are still people outside never heard of Epic Games best-selling title,  it seems incredible. In fact, one of those people ...[Read More]

Fortnite: Season 10 ends “destroying” the game: “This is the end”

The Season 10 of Fortnite finished today precisely as planned, but the surprise has been its end: the game has been “destroyed,” swallowed by a black hole, and you can not play anymore. Millions of people around the world have been stunned by the “end” of one of the most popular titles of all time. Even the official Twitter account of the game has erased all its contents, e...[Read More]

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