Killzone Shadow Fall no longer allows to create clans due to the closure of the Killzone website

The official website of the sweiwa created by Guerrilla Games has closed, redirecting players to the official PlayStation website; the online game servers are still active. PlayStation has closed the official website for Killzone, the sci-fi shooters series created in 2004 by Guerrilla Games, also responsible for the series that began with Horizon: Zero Dawn. The portal redirects visitors to the o...[Read More]

Guerrilla Games, creators of Horizon: Zero Dawn, puts job posting up for a multiplayer title

There is speculation with online cooperative functions in the sequel to its open-world RPG or the return of the Killzone saga with a multiplayer title. The sequel to Horizon: Zero Dawn would include a multiplayer mode or Guerrilla Games works on another online project. This is what is deduced from the new job offers of the studio, known for years by the Killzone series, which is looking for person...[Read More]

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