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A Tale of Two Horrors: Alan Wake 2 Unveils a Dual Protagonist Narrative

Diverging Paths: Remedy Entertainment is peeling back the layers on “Alan Wake 2” through a series of development diaries shared with IGN. The spotlight this time is on the game’s two protagonists, Alan Wake and Saga Anderson, whose differing experiences promise a rich, dual narrative in this upcoming survival horror game. Narrative Dynamics: The narrative of “Alan Wake 2&#...[Read More]

Alan Wake returns to the Xbox digital store

The game was removed in 2017 from the Xbox digital store due to licensing issues with the game’s soundtrack. Now, it is available to buy for $19.99. Are you ready for the most paranormal adventure? Remedy Entertainment’s classic game, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, has returned to the Xbox digital store. After having been withdrawn in 2017 due to problems with the soundtrack lic...[Read More]

Control patch rolls in today with significant performance improvements

The Remedy Entertainment’s latest title Control video game will improve the interface, combat and many other aspects included in this September update. Control was launched at the end of August, promising us a supernatural adventure full of action and with the usual ingredients of Remedy. Although it had some technical problems that slightly tarnished its premiere on consoles and PCs. After ...[Read More]

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