The Lara Croft Collection Review

Behind the myths there is always some truth, and the road to lead truth is always filled with traps!

Ahoy, fellow Nintendo devotees! Brace yourself for a blast from the past as our beloved adventure queen, Lara Croft, is all set to make a grand re-entry onto your Nintendo Switch. But before you all start reminiscing about lonely tomb adventures and artifact hunting, let’s throw a fun twist. Lara is not flying solo this time, as she brings her ‘tomb-mates’ along for the ride in The Lara Croft Collection. This isn’t your typical main-series Lara, but let me assure you, the girl’s still got game!

Gameplay & Co-op Dynamics

The collection starts with Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, a delightful spin-off showcasing Lara in an avatar that is part twin-stick shooter, part platform adventurer. With an isometric perspective adding a fresh flavour to the tomb-raiding shenanigans, there’s more to it than just run-and-gun. The real kicker here is the cooperative gameplay, with each character sporting unique abilities to keep the puzzles fresh and the conversation flowing as you gun down wave after wave of somewhat overzealous foes.

But wait, the co-op extravaganza doesn’t end there! With Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris, you can have a party of up to four players simultaneously, making the tombs a wee bit cozier. This sequel spices up the mix with even flashier powers like tossing lightning bolts and manipulating time. Sounds like a riot, right? But brace yourselves for a minor hiccup: The collection skips online multiplayer, which might upset some tomb-raiding squads who prefer virtual adventures.

Inventory & Customization

To keep things fresh, The Lara Croft Collection also boasts a revamped inventory system, allowing you to equip a range of accessories to buff your stats. It also comes with a secret-filled lobby complete with Zelda-esque tombs, an arsenal of weapons, and some expensive costume changes – polygonal Lara from Tomb Raider, anyone?

Visuals & Performance

The original Guardian of Light was applauded not just for its innovative gameplay but also for its splendid production work. Cutscenes, voice-overs, visuals – you name it, it nailed it. The Temple of Osiris takes this up a notch, featuring more complex environments and dynamic camera work. The collection on the Switch has tried to preserve all these elements but with mixed results. While the original charm is intact, the sequel’s performance does have its rough edges with noticeable texture drops and resolution fluctuations. On top of this, the small screen size of the Switch doesn’t quite do justice to the detailed settings, and sharing the tiny screen in tabletop mode might strain a few friendships.

Final Thoughts

With at least a dozen hours of adventure (doubled if you’re a fan of challenges, collectibles, and power-ups), The Lara Croft Collection promises a joyride of exploration, puzzles, and occasional adrenaline rushes. A few hiccups aside, it’s a package that brings a fresh and fun twist to the classic Lara we all know and love. With co-op gameplay and puzzle-based boss fights thrown into the mix, this one will surely get you hooked. So, Nintendo fans, get ready to add another gem to your collection – Lara is back, and she’s brought company!

“We prepared this review with a digital review code for the Switch version provided by Feral Interactive”



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