The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Review

The Adventures of White Wolf come to an end with a gigantic open RPG world of possibilities and content, which will capture you for long hours…

From The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in 2011 did not feel anything like a video game. That feeling of being trapped in a giant and beautiful, full of adventures and places you want to discover, that overwhelms you with so many possibilities, and where you know you will be submerged for months world, losing track of time every time you wear to play.

Back in 2013 CD Projekt announced that the third installment in the saga of The Witcher would be a huge RPG open world, with Skyrim as inspiration, but in order to overcome it, many of us it sounded too ambitious. It is therefore surprising to see how The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt , four years later, has not only met expectations, but also has made ​​it dated to the great game of Bethesda , and exceeds almost any aspect, something that may surprise least those who played The Witcher (2007) and The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (2011)

Precisely one better than them to appreciate the tremendous progress that has been among his three games, culminating inan adventure action role in massive open world . We believe will mark a before and after in the genre in some respects, and are set to benefit both those who are initiated in the series with this issue, as on all those who have already played the previous titles or have been read novels, for which The Witcher 3 will be a real feast.

We are facing a clear example of game in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts , as if we analyzed some of its sections separately, they would not reach outstanding, and are not exempt from errors or upgradable details. But there are so many strong virtues, that would be a little bitter set more than needed in their defects, and if you like the genre, especially in his most ambitious and open shed, I’ll have a great time, worth every penny it costs, and is overly generous in providing content, all of great quality.

Chasing Ciri

It is curious that such a gigantic and complex, with so many good stories within the game, the plot is as “simple”, which especially thank those in the series premiere. Again we took control of the charismatic sorcerer Geralt of Rivia , this time walking in the footsteps of Ciri, a kind of adoptive daughter who trained to become a witch, and has extraordinary powers to be the bearer of the ‘old blood’. That is why he who is being pursued by the Wild Hunt, a brigade of ghostly knights who wants to take the incredible powers of Ciri, which according to prophecy can end the world.

With this simple starting point, find Ciri before the Wild Hunt, we will explore a huge open world divided into three major regions : Orchard White (stage smaller and simpler serving touchdown in the game), Velen : Tierra de Nadie (a land ravaged by war with swamps and dark forests, where the gigantic city of Novigrad , in which we spend many hours) andSkellige Islands (an archipelago of Nordic atmosphere that surely will remember much Skyrim).

In our journey to find Ciri live many adventures, we meet new characters, we will find old acquaintances, and what is more interesting and should be emulated by other RPGs open world is that although there are a thousand and one for reasons lost in your world and leave parked the main story, if it is very interesting that whenever you feel like it and take it up again . This is the reason why sometimes Witcher 3 overwhelms a bit, not because I have tons of side quests , which the has-but because almost all are interesting, elaborate and make sense within the game world and our role of sorcerer .Want to do them all, and do not know where to start.


  • Graphics are so beautiful, and showing that the Devs take their time to design every littel detail!
  • Both Story and the side quests are nicely done and engaging
  • Not only character designs but their traits, and political conflicts between them makes this game a true gem.


  • Loading times can be annoying and hopefully it may improve with upcoming updates
  • There are glitches and bugs but not a deal breaker and pretty sure it will all get fixed with future updates


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