The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Review

Overall fails in so playable as outstanding as in the other sections , but does not do anything bad enough to spoil the overall outcome. And not by chance, since the grace of the fighting is the great freedom we have to face them , if we can avoid elaborate sections of the game, like alchemy. How could it be otherwise, the system repeats two swords, the steel to normal beasts and humanoids, and silver for magical creatures, also there are more heavy or light weapons such as axes and Porras, with two types of attacks, powerful and fast, the possibility of counter if you press L2 at the right time, and two evasive moves, roll and dodge with side steps.

On the side of the magic we can use simple spells for being a witch, with five signals : Aard-to stun or derribar-, Axia -to desorientar-, Igni -expulsar fire, Quen-a magical shield us and protege- Yrden magical -trampas that slow the enemies. These are the basic powers, as in the skill tree can win new combat moves and enhance signals, unlocking new powers. For example a stream of fire in the case of Igni, turn enemies into allies with Axia, or create an active Quen shield; all signals have an alternate attack that can unlock. And the signals are not only used in combat, also in the exploration, and sometimes need to use Aard to throw a wall or a door down, or Axia to break the will of our interlocutor, as if we were a Jedi knight Star Wars .

And to make the most complex combat has been added crossbow for long-range attacks, which comes in handy to be able to shoot down flying enemies and hit them with the sword. We can equip different types of bolts, and perhaps because it was not a welcome development, this weapon is not very powerful and very useful, at least we will have failed to take big game, except to throw down a winged beasts.

You see the battle has many possibilities, but do not end entirely by exploiting some enemies with a little artificial intelligence developed, and very few routines and predictable attack , something that is evident in fighting one on one, as in certain bosses very poor, more appropriate to a smaller game. These shortcomings are also seen in the moments when we control Ciri , too simple linear sections as playable, having no signs or potions, or different types of weapons, and only serve a narrative function, to go slowly discovering which he has been doing this interesting character, key in history.

The good thing is that not only combats have much freedom when it comes to addressing them, and how we want to evolve the character in the skill tree, but also if we do not have to fight over the bill, it goes ” farmear “in no case, and for best level up is beating secondary missions , which in many cases we do not have to fight, based on pure research scenarios and dialogues. Believe us that we have come to throw two or three hours without progressing almost have to draw the sword, andis a rich narrative game you need not resort to the action of constant way to entertain.

Following playable possibilities, which are many, and Sorcerer that we can not miss alchemy , and there are countless ingredients that we can collect, potions, oils and bombs. Each enemy has a weakness, and we discover both after facing a monster like reading a book that contains this information. The game in one way or another often give us clues to what kind of danger we will face below-a much fairer system than what we saw in The Witcher 2 , which was almost a lottery-and should take any potion or smear the edge of the sword with a special oil to increase its effectiveness against such creature.


  • Graphics are so beautiful, and showing that the Devs take their time to design every littel detail!
  • Both Story and the side quests are nicely done and engaging
  • Not only character designs but their traits, and political conflicts between them makes this game a true gem.


  • Loading times can be annoying and hopefully it may improve with upcoming updates
  • There are glitches and bugs but not a deal breaker and pretty sure it will all get fixed with future updates


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