TrackMania Turbo Review

Trackmania Turbo brings fun arcade driving with its more comprehensive and challenging gameplay, you can also create your own tracks and share with the world!

Each level comes with five sets with an increasing difficulty. Tracks are quite short, only 30 or 40 seconds at most to finish a lap, Final levels challenges you by throwing a three laps of a circuit and to grab a gold medal you need to minimize your errors. There is a button to quickly restart the race at any time, and if you are OK for the bronze medal in each race, it is fairly easy, the silver medal is not so, and the gold is really complicated, suitable only for experts.

In order to unlock levels , you need to collect a certain number of bronze medals, but later in the game, unlocks requires silvers and lastly gold, so the 200 tests of the campaign give hours of fun for awhile . All these levels divided into four different stages, both in setting and gameplay, and  Campaign mode is really fun. You can always activate the ghost for bronze, silver or gold to master your driving in the mind-bending tracks.


Online Modes

As you may know, if you are familiar with the franchise TrackMania has multiplayer modes and a complete circuit editor, with which you can create any of the tracks you’ve seen in the game, even the most spectacular ones included in the Campaign . It offers such a powerful editor, you can create the simplest tracks, with few options that allow you to create a beautiful circuit in a couple of minutes, to the most complete and may define every detail, both the route as the surrounding scenery.

You may never create racing track before but TrackMania Turbo editor definitely worth checking, in a few minutes and who knows, you may make pretty decent and interesting things. And if you’re not even willing to get you hands dirty, you can always use the random scenario generator , that generates random circuits, which is a great idea.


Once you’re done with your creation, share it with the gaming community, create challenges or online rooms. In the multiplayer modes of Trackmania you do not compete against other players, but you compete against their times, and the online rooms can accommodate up to 100 people at a time, watching in real time their ghosts and the best of times, is also quite funny, a different way to enjoy a multiplayer mode in a racing game. Each player can create up to 10 rooms, and you can define the rules you want: the maximum number of players, the gameplay, style tracks, duration, and whether they are private or public, so it is very versatile in that aspect.


  • Original idea with an addicting gameplay
  • Strong Track Editor
  • Online mode is perfect
  • Variety of local competitive modes


  • Mistakes are unforgiving so it may not suit to all type of gamers


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