Bloodborne The Old Hunters DLC

Yharnam reveals its darkest secrets with The Old Hunters DLC...

As mentioned earlier, we will not share much detail about the bosses in the DLC so feel free to test your patience and reflexes. One thing we know in order to success you have to show that you really know how to play and read the pace of battle.  Unfortunately enemy is moving as fast as you, if not more, and hiding his back from your attacks at all times. Ludwig also impress with its randomness that will give you many more problems.

Sony recommends that the players who have a level less than 65 should wait before any attempt to play the DLC, we advise even more, especially if you are planning to facing the bosses alone being around level 100 is necessary. There is a difficulty spike between the basic enemies and hunters you will face during the expansion.


It is difficult to talk about the length of The Old Hunters because it is very variable. The minimum would be about 8 hours and maximum around 15 hours, assuming if you go exploring alternative routes in order to get the extra equipment , or going back to unlock doors with the keys that can be collected by beating enemies later in the DLC. The design of the new maps is outstanding and as good as the main game.

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Boss fights may easily cost you two to five hours depending on your loadout and skill set.The final boss will simply push your limits and nerves cause he is, more agile, tireless, fast and unpredictable than any other boss you faced until now. If you go for the coop against these rivals there is a higher chance of success and nothing is impossible, but we recommend testing it alone a couple times so you could study and understand your enemy to adapt your style before heading in to these battles with the help of another.

Final Thoughts

The Old hunters is an expansion that is definitely worth the money for those who have completed or started Bloodborne already. New bosses, epic battles, harder enemies and 3 new areas to discover, last but not least DLC also provides more equipment that can then be used in the main game as well as in chalice dungeons.

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For a $19.99 a DLC that offers you more than a few hours of content, compared to some full priced titles with less content, you can’t go wrong with this DLC. Bloodborne was essential for anyone on PlayStation 4, the complete edition is even more so.


  • New weapons and equipment that can be also used in the main game
  • Well designed new enemies and challenges
  • For it's price tag you are getting more than your money's worth


  • DLC leaves you wanting more


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