Bloodborne The Old Hunters DLC

Yharnam reveals its darkest secrets with The Old Hunters DLC...

The Old Hunters DLC adds new traps such as machine gun turrets and several unpleasant surprises for the Hunters, enemies are now equipped with new set of weapons that force you to rethink your strategy. For example, there is a delay with Molotov cocktail which does not explode on impact, but a little later. There are also hunters equipped with weapons that has high damage on impact, you can also have access to these weapons. All these additions adds more challenges in to gameplay, that is more than welcome.


The title of the DLC gives a hint of what you will find in the new maps… Old Hunters. To those who has completed Bloodborne, recognize that hunters are smarter and more resourceful rivals then the average zombie villagers we encounter in the beginning of our adventure, you will come against a few of these hunters that are well prepared with new weapons. Another feature is that it seems that these old hunters encourages player to use more long-range attacks with a new bow or magic, but there is something for everyone; if your character is specialized in physical strength also you may find equipment that suits your style. There is no perfect loadout, as expected weapons, armors have strengths and weaknesses.

Moonlight Sword

The second area is a large building with central staircase giving access to multiple floors, but not all. In this area the protagonist is the tower itself, which must be investigated and  you need to find what to do to reach inaccessible places on the upper level of this tower. Shortcuts, elevators, locked doors and strange creatures lurks at every corner of this tower, that reminds the building located in Byrgenwerth but a larger version of it. Tower level is a good contrast to the open areas of expansion, especially for those who loves to enjoy areas like Castle of Mensis or similar to halls of the school building.


The Old Hunters expands the number of bosses to 5, one of them being optional , which is certainly a positive thing. Each of these bosses come in different size and pace. Regardless your play style, these bosses will be quite a challenge to learn.

Ludwig becomes a beast, his first phase in regards to size does not differ much from other bosses, he does quick jumps, lunges and throws a damaging blow sweeping claws to you. If you have an online coop buddy or an artificial intelligence, it might be smart to attack from both sides to pass the first phase but its second phase is totally a different challenge.


  • New weapons and equipment that can be also used in the main game
  • Well designed new enemies and challenges
  • For it's price tag you are getting more than your money's worth


  • DLC leaves you wanting more


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