The Collider 2 Review

Sequel to a successful game of speed that requires precision.

The Collider was one of the first games made by Shortbreak Studios, mobile games branch of Techland, the developers of games like Dying Light, Dead Island or Call of Juarez. Unlike the first The Collider, which was designed for mobile devices Collider 2 is designed from beginning to make the experience more complete.

Collider 2 puts us at the controls of several spacecraft then send us in a wild race to get to the core of the enemy ship that threatens to destroy the earth by a powerful laser beam. You will find lots of references to Star Wars in this title.

Collider-2-screen-2Once you get into the game, you have two gameplay options. The primary mode is the mode levels and is short periods, less than one minute on average, whereas how well and fast you perform, you will receive from one to three stars. Thus, in each phase, you have some objectives to fulfill (for example, destroys many objects, complete the stage before the time runs out) you will have to put your best game. You can play with the mouse, which is more like the original touch screen experience with virtual reality device, that although is quite tiring but interesting.

Collider-2-teaser-2The Collider 2 is a game that requires basically two or three skills by the player: memory , to know where the obstacles are quick to steer your ship quickly to the correct position to avoid them , and precisely because , although the collision boxes leave some leeway.



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