Far Cry Primal Review

The good thing about this is that the absence of an argument that pushes the events of the adventure, you have great freedom to meet the objectives and missions in the order you want, so you build your own story. There are a number of story lines featuring several characters who are providing us new skills and improvements, and this will be your main goal throughout the game, becoming increasingly stronger, more skillful and have better weapons, so grow the village and defeat the enemy tribes.


The wildest part previous installments if Far Cry were animals and detailed natural environments. In Primal, these are the backbone of adventure, and from the beginning of the game to survive you have to hunt and gather plants, minerals,  so you can craft the equipment, weapons, and ammunition, as arrows, clubs, and spears. Our deep relationship with nature where we find one of the biggest new addition in this version: to tame animals.

Once we have unlocked this power, enough to throw a bait, wait for an animal come to eat, approach slowly and keep a button pressed to tame the animal, having a companion always available to protect you for the rest of the game. Wild dogs, lions, tigers, jaguars, bears and even badgers, each with its own characteristics of strength, speed, and stealth, along with any special skills, such as marking enemies or bring objects.


We can give simple commands as they are directed to a position or attack a particular enemy, and later even we can unlock the potential to mount on them, as in the case of bears and tigers sabertooth , so you can move more quickly through the wide map, or even use them as a weapon of war in the case of mammoths, similar to what happened with elephants in a way Far Cry 4 .

Most of the game mechanics from previous Far Cry were carried over to Primal and implemented in a different fashion, which is sometimes good and others somewhat forced, as if Primal was a mod of previous installments instead Primal has its own personality.


Such as valuable binoculars or camera from the previous games, which served us to observe the camps before infiltrate and to mark enemies, in Primal you will have an owl which you can fly around the stage, mark the targets, and even drop bombs from the sky, something that may sound illogical but they implemented it so well that it works amazingly. Well again some player may miss the elements of the previous installments, but again Ubisoft applied these new gameplay mechanics into a setting with personality, so definitely worth trying.


  • Amazing wildlife experience, and a huge map
  • Game-play mechanics from previous installments tailored and carried over in such a good fashion that fits the setting.
  • Fair amount of main and side missions along with many secrets and skills waiting to be discovered


  • Graphic engine feels outdated in certain areas.
  • The whole Far Cry mechanics is repeating and needs to be reviewed and changed for the future installments.


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