Far Cry Primal Review

Far Cry Primal offers a radical change of atmosphere and leads us to the Stone Age , over 10,000 years back in time,  vehicles and firearms and changed by spears, clubs and bows, yet the formula remains the same , and if you’ve played any of the previous installments everything will be very familiar: stealth , the skill system, how to improve inventory, gaining more skill points by doing the secondary missions, capturing positions points to unlock fast travel and some others, for better and for worse is pure Far Cry .

Far Cry Primal is an action game and a very entertaining one, the gameplay works perfectly, with lots of things to do, and with a fantastic atmosphere, filled with scenarios and side missions that is fun to explore. But the formula already showed some signs of exhaustion since Far Cry 4, that the series feels like repeating itself, and the change of atmosphere is not able to conceal that repetitiveness, it is still more of the same.


Depending on how much you like the action-adventure open world genre and Far Cry franchise, and especially you will find yourself in a very attractive setting in Far Cry Primal, then this is a highly recommended game, very well done and an entertaining trip from beginning to end. Yet there are shortcomings that are even tried to be less noticeable, by prioritizing content quantity over quality, by adding more missions not surprisingly, there are several things of this franchise that needs to be reviewed, such as story and characters do not engage, and are perfunctory.


The Story

In Far Cry Primal you played as Takkar, a hunter who is the only survivor of an unfortunate hunting party, was forced to survive alone and form his own tribe, in the wilderness of Oros, the beautiful scenery where the adventure unfolds. There you will meet allied characters, the typical villains, some other bizarre or comical personalities, but the story never ceases to be anecdotal and of little relevance. Previous games in the series always have an interesting plot premise which never fully exploited and history is just repeating itself, imagine here that neither the premise is strong enough. We also understand that it was not easy to solve the issue considering the setting of Primal.


  • Amazing wildlife experience, and a huge map
  • Game-play mechanics from previous installments tailored and carried over in such a good fashion that fits the setting.
  • Fair amount of main and side missions along with many secrets and skills waiting to be discovered


  • Graphic engine feels outdated in certain areas.
  • The whole Far Cry mechanics is repeating and needs to be reviewed and changed for the future installments.


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