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2 Milly signs an important firm to sue Epic Games, for using his moves as an emote

He alleges that they use and sell a dance of his without authorization.

2 Milly signs an important firm to sue Epic Games, for using his moves as an emote

Last month rapper 2 Milly declared his intention to sue Epic Games for using one of his dances in Fortnite selling it as an emote, and now the musician confirms that he already has legal representation to start this battle in court.

2 Milly has revealed that he has hired an important North Carolina law firm to take this case to court, which shows that he is fully determined to bring to justice the Epic Games policy of employing fashion dances in the United States and sell it to users.

The “Milly Rock” is the movement of 2 Milly, used in a video clip for the song of the same name, and which Epic Games put in the game with the name of “Swipe It”.

The musician already explained that Epic Games never contacted him to use his dance and that he dislikes especially that they sell it, making it a business.

The New Yorker has signed the lawyers Pierce Bainbridge Beck Price & Hecht, a law firm in North Carolina, to present the lawsuit against Epic Games for what he considers to be a violation of his copyright and appropriation of his intellectual property for profit.

David L. Hecht, lawyer and partner of the law firm, explained that ” this is not the first time that Epic Games has improperly appropriated the creations of African-American artists,” and reveals that they have several clients with similar claims against the company, such as Lenwood. Hamilton, known as Skip, for the use of his appearance for the Cole Train character in Gears of War. “Epic Games cannot continue to take what is not theirs,” says the lawyer.

In spite of everything, this can be a hard and important legal fight: although it exists abundant jurisprudence in the USA. on the rights of author and appropriation of music, texts, etc., the choreographies are unprecedented in the legislation of the country. The result of this trial, if it is not reached an agreement outside the courts before, can establish essential jurisprudence for future cases.


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