BioWare works on a reboot of Star Wars: KOTOR, according to a rumor

BioWare works on a reboot of Star Wars: KOTOR, according to a rumor

Electronic Arts will continue to exploit the Star Wars license with new projects. To the known of DICEBattlefront II -, Respawn Entertainment or Visceral Games also would be added one of BioWare Austin.

At least so says Liam Robertson, known to the Youtube channel Unseen64, who revealed in a podcast that Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic – Knights of the Old Republic, also known by KOTORreceive some sort of rebootI have heard that BioWare Austin works exclusively on Star Wars games and will do so for an indefinite future . What I work on now and have a good source is a kind of remake/reboot of Knights of the Old Republic. ”

“I do not know when it will be launched, but it has been in development for a while.” He also clarified that now is not a remake, but would have started that way.

The original, a role-playing game released in 2003 for PC and Xbox, was well received by critics and fans. A year later it would launch Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords, developed by Obsidian Entertainment, and the history would have a continuation in Star Wars: The Old Republic – an MMORPG- of 2011.

On April 15, Star Wars: Battlefront II will be shown on the occasion of the Star Wars Celebration event.

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