Starfield Creative Director Compares It To Red Dead Redemption 2

Todd Howard of Bethesda Game Studios argues that Starfield, the RPG for Xbox Series and PC, is similar to ‘games that put you in a world, that transport you to a place.’ In the same interview with IGN in which creative director Todd Howard revealed that Starfield would run at 30 FPS on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S (you can check the requirements on PC to see if your computer can run...[Read More]

Ghostwire: Tokyo confirms its release for March 25 on PS5 and PC

The new Tango Gameworks and Bethesda Softworks game already have a release date on PlayStation 5 and PC. It will be playable three days early by purchasing the Deluxe Edition from the PS Store. Ghostwire: Tokyo, the new game from Tango Gameworks and Bethesda Softworks, already has a release date on PS5 and PC, platforms on which it will be exclusive at its premiere: as a PS Store leak anticipated,...[Read More]

Bethesda Shares New Starfield Dev Diary With Todd Howard

Todd Howard, Matt Carafano and Angela Browder talk about what the essence of Bethesda games is for them, highlighting that Starfield has a realistic approach and a lively world rich in detail. Starfield, the open world and space exploration title that promises to be one of Bethesda Softworks’ most ambitious, is featured in a new development diary accompanied by Todd Howard himself as well as...[Read More]

DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part 2 Trailer Leaked

On Wednesday, March 17, we will see the extended trailer for DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part 2, the second DLC of the id Software game that, according to leaks, would be released the next day. Although some information has already been leaked about The Ancient Gods Part 2, the second DLC in the DOOM Eternal campaign, we still do not officially know when this new content will be released. Now i...[Read More]

DOOM Eternal: Developers says it should be coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X

“They are doing really amazing things with that hardware, so I think it is logical that we are heading towards that,” says director Marty Stratton. DOOM Eternal has suffered a slight delay therefore it will not arrive until March 20. Id Software is also working on the possibility of the game being published for the next generation of consoles. In fact, when this asked to the title dire...[Read More]

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