Developer says; PS5’s Haptic controller technology would aid immersion

Thomas Happ, the creator of Axiom Verge 2, wanted to put the magnifying glass on the possibilities offered by the next DualShock, highlighting a more realistic experience. PlayStation 5 is gearing up to offer gamers the opportunity to enjoy their favourite games freshly, during the next generation of consoles. Part of these efforts is reflected in a robust architecture, also linked to a DualShock ...[Read More]

PS5: Japanese analysts predict 6 million units sold by March 2021

The Sony console would be a success, and would have a quick adoption. The current low sales of PS4 systems and the desire to make the leap to the new generation would help their sale. Sony could be more successful than many believe with PlayStation 5, its new entertainment system. After the announcement of its financial results, and under the current poor sales of PlayStation 4 in some territories...[Read More]

Lady Gaga does not know what Fortnite is and Internet explodes

“The singer asked ‘what is Fortnight’ on her Twitter account ; A very addictive video game that you can’t stop playing once you start,” said one user. For many of us, Fortnite is part of our life, although,  it is not like that for everyone: there are still people outside never heard of Epic Games best-selling title,  it seems incredible. In fact, one of those people ...[Read More]

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