silent hill

Silent Hill: Rumors of a restart for PlayStation 5 return

A verified source at Restera claims that the creatives of the first installments are working on a new title for Sony’s Japan Studio. Rumours of a new Silent Hill, or a reboot by the original team, get stronger with more details from verified sources. Last month, information appeared about Sony’s collaboration with Konami to revive this prestigious horror saga that was very popular in t...[Read More]

This Silent Hill Remake made in UE4 looks amazing, but we never get to play it

A fan has recreated the Silent Hill cafeteria in Unreal Engine 4 using Megascans but does not plan to move forward with the project, so we will never get to play it. The Silent Hill series has been in limbo for years, but Konami’s horror series fans continue to show their love for this survival horror in different ways. The last one is a visual demonstration of what could become a Silent Hil...[Read More]

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