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Ghost of Tsushima has one of the best completion rates on PlayStation

Despite being a sprawling open-world game, Sucker Punch’s Japanese adventure has captivated players by making them want to stick around until the game is complete. It is such a captivating adventure that it has ensured that many of the players stay until the end. Ghost of Tsushima, a video game developed by Sucker Punch of which Sony is especially proud, boasts one of the best completion rat...[Read More]

Ghost of Tsushima: How The Combat System Works

Whether as a samurai or a ghost, Jin Sakai can take down his enemies with precise strikes from his katana and a whole arsenal of traps or stealth tactics. Ghost of Tsushima is the new and ambitious action-adventure in the open world of Sucker Punch Productions, which this time they want to immerse us in the definitive “fantasy of the samurai world”, for which they have taken good note ...[Read More]

Ghost of Tsushima will last 30-50 hours including side missions

Nate Fox, creative director of the Sucker Punch claims that the title will last tens of hours including side-quests. Ghost of Tsushima, the next game from Sucker Punch Productions ( inFamous ) exclusively for PS4, will last longer than the previous works of the studio. In an interview with the Brazilian website Voxel, creative director Nate Fox says that players can spend up to 50 hours on the Jap...[Read More]

Ghost of Tsushima introduces its protagonist, Jin Sakai (trailer)

The long-awaited Sucker Punch game will go on sale exclusively for PlayStation 4 on July 17. Sony had distributed a new trailer for Ghost of Tsushima, the long-awaited new game that Sucker Punch, the creators of Infamous, is developing exclusively for PlayStation 4 to turn us into a samurai in the year 1274 when the invading horde of Mongolia came to Japan to obliterate everything. Jin Sakai, the ...[Read More]

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