Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Review

This is the plot premise of the single-player campaign, a story mode that is exactly what we are accustomed to the series, about 8 or 9 hours of action and spectacle , with a linear development, predefined situations, use of vehicles and machinery to offer some variety, and here to be in the future invites us to use a lot of, each more amazing gadgets. In every mission we have a different kind of exoskeleton, which allows us to double jump, deploy a shield, throw a sonic pulse that stuns enemies, or even slow down time for a few seconds to shoot better.

Although this should rather change the experience, if you’ve played all campaigns Call of Duty , or a majority of them, the sense of déjà vu is constant, and really innovates anything about playable intentions remains as linear and predictable as ever, and also we have added a few quick time events that entirely too many. The formula is agotadísima, exhausted , and for many “gadgets” that targets this is not resolved. It is not the worst campaigns of a Call of Duty , much less, and has even seemed to us much better than Ghosts , but of course we are in the 2014 and annoys some that the remarkable graphic renewal has not come also accompanied a playable renewal.

Despite this, I must say that has remarkable things. For starters, a simple story and that is understood and follows smoothly, knowing who we are at all times, which is no mean achievement of a Call of Duty . An interesting plot premise, that talks about where we can take the technology and too much power in the hands of private companies, and development that strives for trying to be varied at all times, and that maybe if you take several years without playing the campaign of a Call of Duty , you may be quite entertaining. As the only differentiating factor, technology and gadgets aside, there is aprogression system.

Thanks to new gadgets, we live very spectacular and entertaining moments, as provided by this hook.

Thanks to new gadgets, we live very spectacular and entertaining moments, as provided by this hook.

If you get a certain number of enemy casualties, headshots, kills with grenades and gathering collectibles, you get skill points , which can be used between missions to enhance the character. Increase strength, the number of grenades you can carry, sprint for longer, recharge faster, etc., as well as 22 improvements that accumulate throughout the campaign. They do not change things too much, but it’s funny, and gives a sense of cohesion and continuity to the campaign.

A great multiplayer

It is in the competitive multiplayer where more re-emphasizes this new Call of Duty , thanks to the new movements that provides the exoskeleton, which allow us to double jump or lateral slides, both by land and by air. Although when we first saw at gamescom us “scared” some really having played a lot of hours, the essence and spirit remain and is not a radical change, but enough so that you feel refreshed and updated.

Now we move more dynamically by maps , we must learn to think vertical, as it is easy to quickly jump to any high place, and enjoys shooting at enemies in the air. We also grabbed the edges of the elements and we proceeded, and although this kind of parkourhas not stopped compare with that offered few months ago Titanfall , it really is different, is not as dynamic, and we can not do things like run the walls.



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