Guitar Hero Live Review

Guitar Hero returns to make us feel like a true rock star with a new setup that brings fresh air to the franchise and well presented demonstration shows that the wait was worth it!

Guitar Hero Live used a first-person camera to capture live videos, in game it will be moving around the stage and backstage, interacting with other members of the band and the fans. While playing it is very difficult to see all the details that fill these realistic recreations, but funny enough it works perfectly well. If you have a good audio visual setup this new approach will make you believe that you are truly living the moment.

Convey realism and emotion was difficult, but Activision and FreeStyleGames have made you 'feel' like a real guitarist.

Convey realism and emotion can be challenging, but Activision and FreeStyleGames have made you ‘feel’ like a real guitarist.

It is not a simple visual dressing. The public reacts, for better and for worse, clapping and chanting verses to our chains of notes and height of the song and give loud boos, ugly gestures and cries of despair if we fail to delivery the notes on time. Based on your performance your fans will keep dancing in the pit and cheer: the members and partners of your group will do the same, they keep smiling at each other if everything goes smoothly.

Guitar Hero TV: interactive video catalog 24/7

The other big news of Guitar Hero Live, lies in its innovative GH TV mode. You can access a network of video clips of all ages, genders and artists. Not much different from a story/campaign move, the usual playlist, but the truth is that we end up playing here longer than we thought at first. In GH there are two major TV channels, which have the ability to freely choose songs of different genre, and another channel with a fixed schedule. This will rotate every half hour  and present different music genres.

The interface is user friendly, and the idea is absolutely great. It’s all very accessible and there is a button on the guitar that leads directly to GH TV allowing our guitar playing songs with a more or less random in a large carousel of genres and artists that bring a variety of songs. Yet the list might seem short or limited eventually which we hope will be updated in time to keep it intersting. GH TV has a social component with all time top scorers, tables with records and achievements of other users. Also it provides upgrades such as visual customization and power-UPS which adds a new layer of depth to online experience.


  • New controls are very well designed without ruining the formula
  • Guitar that comes with the bundle looks and feels great
  • Introduction of the Live First Person view enhance the experience
  • Guitar Hero TV is really fun and once you get a taste , you will be addicted to it
  • Variety of songs from different genres and from different times is well decided


  • 40 song playlist that comes on disc may feel short at first.
  • Wish there were no micro transactions, but not a deal breaker, as you can earn points by investing time in to the free songs


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