Guitar Hero Live Review

Guitar Hero returns to make us feel like a true rock star with a new setup that brings fresh air to the franchise and well presented demonstration shows that the wait was worth it!

Is there a future for GH TV? We think so. In our review of Guitar Hero Live, most of the time, one way or another we end up at GH TV. GH TV is a dynamic, active mode which will be updated over time and that is shown as ideal for long games or parties and meetings between friends. We’ll go even a little further: we believe that, this new mode can eventually develop into the core system in which the next Guitar Hero may introduce. The game is not perfect. Charging for chips to play add ons can be expensive. That being said, if you spend time in the game there is a way to unlock tokens when mastering tracks. After all, that is how we played and enjoyed the previous instalments.


Final Thoughts

Guitar Hero Live is one of the freshest, different and a fun music games we played in a while . While Rock Band 4 proved a title designed with keeping classic gameplay of a franchise in mind, and decided to go without changing what works in their approach. Guitar Hero Live does exactly the same, but risking a lot more by changing the mechanics and the visual presentation .

FreeStyle Games has turned around the series, changing the usual, and betting on a new control system that’s completely different compared to previous presentations. Guitar Hero Live is a game that invites us to start almost from scratch, and that dazzles us from the start, making us feel like a real “Rock Star”.


It’s story mode has two major festival tours that are quite long. While retaining certain skills and mechanics, there is an additional game mode. Guitar Hero Live introduces GH TV, an interactive portal for music videos online that will run 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is a fantastic idea, as if we could participate in programming a video channel from all eras and genres. This will probably be the future of the franchise. The monetization system based on tokens, coins and is not entirely ideal for the user. This may give cold feet to some players in the long run.

Another aspect to improve, which is hard to miss is the multiplayer. Guitar Hero Live is designed to be a cooperative and competitive experience, but we can only add two guitars and nothing else other than a mic. And yes, even the leaderboards in certain songs invite us to improve our scores, yet the likes of Guitar Hero Live needs a more consistent support for multiplayer.


Guitar Hero Live represents the best imaginable return of the game series published by Activision. We speak of a complete reformulation of a new composition written almost from scratch. Guitar Hero Live offers possibilities and hours of game-play that will trap you in front of your TV. The fresh gameplay, along with different game modes and video channels are also interactive GH TV songs, Guitar Hero franchise proves that it has the potential to become a new standard in the world of music games.


  • New controls are very well designed without ruining the formula
  • Guitar that comes with the bundle looks and feels great
  • Introduction of the Live First Person view enhance the experience
  • Guitar Hero TV is really fun and once you get a taste , you will be addicted to it
  • Variety of songs from different genres and from different times is well decided


  • 40 song playlist that comes on disc may feel short at first.
  • Wish there were no micro transactions, but not a deal breaker, as you can earn points by investing time in to the free songs


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