Guitar Hero Live Review

Guitar Hero returns to make us feel like a true rock star with a new setup that brings fresh air to the franchise and well presented demonstration shows that the wait was worth it!

Perhaps the biggest drawback of this mode is monetizing it by introducing coins, chips or Hero cash that you will need in order to play those songs in video format. We wish it was available for free. On one hand, we have a basic currency, which accumulate after the end of each song, and the amount will vary on how well you play as well as the difficulty level you chose. In GH TV there are genres that allow us to collect more coins, especially when levelling up. This will enable you to access more complicated songs. One issue is that you need to have coins to access these songs.


Coins you earned can be used to buy chips, which are like a sort of tickets or passes that allow us to play one song only. To get one, the amount of coins required force us to play between six and seven complete games, not only that you also need to finish a song in the best possibly way, otherwise  we can not always access the song or group that we want, so this is frustrating.

If you want to move the process of playing random songs go through the official channel of the game, or collect coins like mad to have enough chips ‘play’, Activision has implemented micro transactions and purchases within the game, so you can use your real money for packages chips to skip several hours of play sessions. So the question; Are the in-app purchases necessary or a deal-breaker that renders the game unplayable? No, not at all.

GH TV is designed in a way once the player starts playing, getting coins and unlock chips to access the songs is available only if you wish to purchase. Instead of purchasing, In few hours you can achieve coins that are worth about thirty or forty tokens, so it’s up to the player whether to increase the rate of earnings by investing their time into same songs and play it perfectly or using real money to instantly access songs or even you can purchase a 24 hour pass.


In addition, GH TV is also offering a progression system in the form of level or reputation. With this level system, you unlock unique items for our tracks or guitar frets. This is called Events Premium, with which TV show blocks of GH songs of a group or similar genre for a limited time.


  • New controls are very well designed without ruining the formula
  • Guitar that comes with the bundle looks and feels great
  • Introduction of the Live First Person view enhance the experience
  • Guitar Hero TV is really fun and once you get a taste , you will be addicted to it
  • Variety of songs from different genres and from different times is well decided


  • 40 song playlist that comes on disc may feel short at first.
  • Wish there were no micro transactions, but not a deal breaker, as you can earn points by investing time in to the free songs


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