Guitar Hero Live Review

Guitar Hero returns to make us feel like a true rock star with a new setup that brings fresh air to the franchise and well presented demonstration shows that the wait was worth it!

The system works, and it works very well. It’s a fun approach making it feel as if we are playing a real guitar, comparing the sense of simulation-despite the reality that separate us from playing a guitar or bass in truth compared to its closest competitor, Rock Band 4. Both are fun, no doubt, but the feeling of playing Guitar Hero Live on higher difficulty levels, is as challenging and addictive.


FreeStyle Games is aware of the adaptation period required due to the change of colors and layout, and therefore offers us a basic tutorial that let go and play with our reformulated instrument without fear, taking advantage of the upgrade to introduce another of its revamped visual aesthetics.

GH Live:

Guitar Hero Live provides experience and visual presentation that we believe is unmatched among the other games in the same genre right now. Getting rid of computer generated characters or backgrounds, Activision welcomes us into the musical atmosphere at its best: live concerts.

Let’s start with the basics: Live Guitar Hero is divided into two modes of play, GH Live and GH Live TV. Guitar Hero Live brings us to experience in our own flesh what it is to be the guitarist for a number of different groups across two major festivals, held in the US and UK. Here we will be put up to the stage to perform with the most varied and eclectic imaginable formations. The second, GH TV is the first interactive network playable seven days a week video clips with many different songs to pick from.


Settings are very live and unique.

Guitar Hero Live could be considered something like the story or campaign mode, and you get to try different styles such as an alternative pop group. There is a training mode focused on more commercial pop-rock. You can play in a band that plays folk. If you like metal, you will have a playlist with options. There are also more than a couple songs from divas and pop stars. Variety of songs and groups are more than overwhelming, and well balanced ; The Killers, OneRepublic, Mumford & Sons, Of Monster and Men, Queen, Imagine Dragons, ZZ Top and The Rolling Stones, are just to name a few, although we believe there are still missing classics. The forty songs available on-disc may fall short.

As we move succeeding in our play sessions, we will unlock more songs getting to enjoy the “Quickplay” mode that is an all time classic that still exists in Guitar Hero Live.


‘Guitar Hero Live’ will take us to visit 2 major festivals, one in UK and another in US, where we will play with different groups and bands.

It is the secret formula, along with the new style of play, absolutely defining the Guitar Hero Live. As we mentioned before, Guitar Hero Live dumps the computer generated character and backdrops instead presenting a more realistic and immersive experience, by putting the player in the center of the action through real life video captures that simulate what it would be a live performer in a real concert. Doing so they finally capture the player and make them feel like a star in front of thousands of people watching every note coming out of your guitar (good or bad).


  • New controls are very well designed without ruining the formula
  • Guitar that comes with the bundle looks and feels great
  • Introduction of the Live First Person view enhance the experience
  • Guitar Hero TV is really fun and once you get a taste , you will be addicted to it
  • Variety of songs from different genres and from different times is well decided


  • 40 song playlist that comes on disc may feel short at first.
  • Wish there were no micro transactions, but not a deal breaker, as you can earn points by investing time in to the free songs


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