Rise of the Tomb Raider 20th Anniversary Review

Lara Croft returns with another great adventure and once again proves why she is one of the the most iconic characters in the world of video games.

This is a great step taken by devs because it created a much richer gameplay experience. While with reduced presence of shooting,  we do not mean that there are no action moments, especially in its second half, you will face very intense moments. Crystal Dynamics spread these moments perfectly through out the game to make them feel unique and different.

The design of the scenarios are much larger than before, and presents many more possibilities for action. Within intense shooting moment there are multiple number of destructible cover and if choose to camp one place. is now little more like a suicide , so you have to be constantly moving, looking out for new covers and eliminate enemies.


Regarding the fighting, it’s important to point out that they have implemented a new system for crafting weapons. Unlike its predecessor, in Rise of the Tomb Raider you can collect materials of all kinds and each will serve for one thing or another, such as accessing certain improvements to our arsenal, create special ammunition and arrows , or craft certain objects to arsenal, such as different type of bombs.

This system is extremely intuitive , because if you simply have one of these items in hand you can to turn them into weapons with the touch of a button, leading you constantly searching for more elements so they can be crafted to arsenal which will be useful during the battle.

There are moments you will need to use stealth to pass easily, although you can use your crafted arsenal to distract enemies and kill them stealthily or even you may sneak without having to kill anyone.

rise-of-the-tomb-raider-2015620152016_5Of course, as we say, this is simply an option and is not require you to use , although getting rid of a few enemies before they found out about your presence, will give you more chance on road to success as there are areas with very high number of enemies.

Another important detail to note is that if you play the game on higher difficulty your health doesn’t generate in time, you have to heal the wounds using herbs and fabric, hunting animals and eating their pelt, or taking rest at a campfire


  • A perfect balance between exploration, platforming and action.
  • Enemies are smarter make it a real challenge to past certain levels.
  • Graphics are also upgraded and developers attention to details is most welcomed


  • There are several challenging puzzles but generally rest is pretty much easy to figure out
  • Some frame drops and hiccups at certain parts of the game, but not a deal breaker.


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