Rise of the Tomb Raider 20th Anniversary Review

Lara Croft returns with another great adventure and once again proves why she is one of the the most iconic characters in the world of video games.

Exploration has been enhanced thanks to much broader and open environments. Even if you want to play the game without doing any side missions and stick with linear adventure,  you will be able to do it without problem, but if you like to explore then you are in for a treat, cause the game filled with  a lot of caves, hidden tombs, secret areas, side missions, challenges and, Ultimately, all kinds of activities with juicy rewards that extends playtime in a very clever enjoying way.

These rewards are usually translated into finding relics and documents that give us more details of the story (much help to contextualize the plot and provide very interesting information) on parts that allow us to unlock new weapons, costumes (there is a good collection of them and We reported some unique benefits), and even additional skills, so we will always have incentives to explore.


Speaking of puzzles, we have to say that there are few in the main story but if you want more and interesting ones you need to dig into hidden tombs , but in general puzzles are somewhat simple and  you don’t need to spend hours to solve them. Similar to previous games in the franchise puzzles are setup in enormous rooms, you need to carefully explore the environment to find all the items and tools, before starting to connect the dots and think about how to solve them.

The progression system of Lara has also been improved . In the first half, any activity you do will rewards you with experience. Each time you level up , you will get a skill point which can be divided among three different branches, allowing us to unlock new moves, benefits and even learn to use the environment in new ways.


  • A perfect balance between exploration, platforming and action.
  • Enemies are smarter make it a real challenge to past certain levels.
  • Graphics are also upgraded and developers attention to details is most welcomed


  • There are several challenging puzzles but generally rest is pretty much easy to figure out
  • Some frame drops and hiccups at certain parts of the game, but not a deal breaker.


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