The Division Review

Ubisoft offers gamers an action adventure RPG takes place in an open developing world. The Divison is one of the most exciting and attractive game we have played so far in this generation.

Since Ubisoft presented Tom Clancy’s The Division at E3 2013, it has come a long way. Three years of development The Division feels like something new and fresh, and ultimately the kind of game we expected with the arrival of new consoles.

Third – person action with an elaborate cover system with many elements of an RPG such as in managing the inventory and loot we get for fighting, a place full of details that invites to be explored and offers a fantastic atmosphere open world, and an experience that you can enjoy both playing solo and in groups, either with friends or with complete strangers. A great game, which has all the ingredients to become a great success, and a long journey that will give gamers much to talk about in the coming years.

The Division

New York has been rampaging by a fierce epidemic, and the city has become complete chaos, where the rule is survival of the fittest. Since we already feared the story or narrative of The Division, and this time for its social and multiplayer component, the truth is that it is not easy to tell a good story while you’re playing with friends using voice chat.


The Division is a group of undercover agents in the preparations society to act in an emergency, and our goal in downtown Manhattan is to help survivors civilians. We need to figure out what happened to the first wave of agents of The Division who disappeared and find out who is behind the creation of the virus and the pandemic. The atmosphere of adventure, with the center of New York destroyed, is one of its strengths, and although you will find stories scattered around the map, do not expect an elaborate narrative. Yes, the universe they have created holds a lot of potentials and is interesting enough to create a series about it.

After a spectacular intro you have to create your character, with an editor that gives you very few options, then pass some missions initiation that teaches you the control scheme, and then the game takes you to the center of Manhattan, where you spent rest of the adventure.


  • Great setting where it takes you to a post-pandemic world
  • Whether you play story or Dark Zone, co-op is easy to access
  • Minimum to none loading times!
  • Perfectly crafted progression system
  • Each time you enter the Dark Zone, you will experience unforgettable moments.


  • Some minor lag due to always online nature, but overall it's pretty stable


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