Metal Gear Solid 5 Review

A legendary saga offers his most complete and ambitious delivery, an exciting action adventure open world becomes the masterpiece of a genius named Hideo Kojima.

Few videogame franchises, not to say almost none, raised such passions asMetal Gear , so it is normal that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is one of the most anticipated games of recent times, after five years from the last delivery series. But if in addition to this we add that this is the Metal Gearmost ambitious ever made ​​, and possibly the last one created by the father of the series, Hideo Kojima , means the huge expectation generated around A launch event become, as always happened with the principal deliveries from Metal Gear Solid.

And with the privilege and responsibility that gives us and have enjoyed it, I can say that we found without any doubt the best game of the series , an adventure of action majestic, enormous, even overwhelming moments, it keeps you excited and stuck to control from start to finish, and never ceases to surprise you with the quality and details for more hours you have played . A single game , and even we fear unrepeatable , whose solidity and finishing is available to very few titles to over time. The culmination of a saga with 28 years of history, which has managed to reinvent with admirable success. A blockbuster author , something unique in this industry.

Kazuhiro Miller Big Boss and join forces to create Diamond Dogs, the army to carry out his revenge.

Kazuhiro Miller Big Boss and join forces to create Diamond Dogs, the army to carry out his revenge.

With this we are not saying it’s the best in the series, and our favorite, something which depends on many factors, some of them emotional, but it is undeniable that as one game Metal Gear was never so complete, so well designed, with a gameplay as polished as excellent control , and many hours of quality entertainment ahead. A complex mechanism with many pieces fitted perfectly, in which nothing is superfluous and nothing lacking, and unlike other open world games, everything here is good for something and it makes sense , no fillers or unnecessary elements to fatten set artificially, and everything is designed for you to have an enormous freedom to play as you want.

In a surprising twist given the last film and desktop delivery, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots , in The Phantom Pain it is what prevails above all gameplay . And unlike in previous Metal Gear in which we drove Snake and for much of the adventure we were a mere spectator of history, in Metal Gear Solid V do not control Big Boss, Big Boss us . This detail is very important as it explains many of the design decisions, such as the fact that the cinematics are no longer so long and abundant, or that we are facing one of the quietest Snake whole saga, which dispenses almost always to comment or give their view on what is happening. A decision certainly risky and it’s going to cause quite controversial, as many other aspects of a brave game .

Ocelot, one of the most important characters in the series, is another of our great allies.

Ocelot, one of the most important characters in the series, is another of our great allies.

It is a commitment to another way of telling the story was a necessity, not just an open world means getting around very large stages, and needs a narrative according to its structure. It has not dispensed with the classic and spectacular cinematic at all, they are simply more dosificas or diluted in the longest game of the entire series by far, in which about 40 hours are needed to see the main story, and going far to the grain. You can spend much time playing without seeing a single kinematics, but when they appear cause a big impact, are simply brilliant , you’re left with an open mouth.


  • Lots of content, casette tapes to listen
  • Variety of missions to play
  • Open world is very solid and fun to play


  • Certain weapons takes time to achieve
  • Comparing to previous MGS games less cutscenes
  • Open world is nice but fells lifeless at times


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