Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection Review

Naughty Dog puts an epic finale to the adventures of Nathan Drake with their most extensive, varied and exciting game up to date. Every detail from characters to technicality will leave your mouth open!

Although all the ingredients you have already seen earlier in the trilogy on PlayStation 3, but they had never mixed in this way, which alone makes the game feel like something new. But there are a few new gameplay mechanics that help maintain freshness. For example rope climbing, which is intensively used in the exploration and platforming, now a little more complicated, and even shootings to surprise the enemy by air. Also, there are much wider scenarios, including some as big situations that seem more typical of an open world game, so we have to drive some vehicles to move around as long distances.

dive_01This has served to enhance the exploration and offers different paths to our destination, and to raise some action scenes that we can solve in different ways, and in many cases without being seen, thanks to the new stealth system. Which is very simple, and now the enemies have an indicator on their head, this warns you by color white, yellow or orange alert level. Like so many other things in the game indicators alert the enemy, or the possibility of marking them can be disabled in the options, and Crushing difficulty, which unlocks at the end of the story for the first time, directly disables this alert system to make it even more challenging.

dive_05These situations are much similar to The Last of Us and funny enough that the enemies will not see the characters who accompanies you. For most of the time in Uncharted 4 you accompanied by a character, something that greatly enriches the narrative, but when playing stealthily this causes strange situations promptly with our allies putting themselves in the face of the enemy without being seen, something that looks unreal on such a perfect game.

city_04When fighting against artificial intelligence itself, mechanics work well, both ally and enemy, and mercenaries that you face not hesitate to surround you to get you out of your cover, and situations push you to be in constant motion and take advantage of the design stage and its verticality. You will experience some of the most exciting shootings we have tried in recent years, and the always manage to surprise and feel different.


  • From graphics & sounds to every single aspect of Uncharted 4 is perfect!
  • Deep story filled with secrets collectibles and fun to solve puzzles
  • Scene selection gives player to freely replay their favorite parts of the game again.


  • During campaign enemy AI is unresponsive to your allies which looks weird in such a perfect game like this, same issue exist in The Last of US too, but regardless this is perfect game that every PS4 owner should experience!


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